The titles bolded in red shall eventually air on Shredding Metal Beasts and Sinister Death. All dates and music subject to change without notice.

March 6, 2020

20 lb Sledge – Divine Battery Re-Release (Roxx)
Ahna – Crimson Dawn (Caligari)
Allen/Olzon – Worlds Apart (Frontiers)
Alpha-O-Maga – Make America Grind Again (HPGD)
Architects Of A Broken Design – Total Collapse (Wreckin’ Joint)
Asarhaddon – Reysa (Geisterasche)
Avenged Sevenfold – Live In The LBC Re-Release (Warner Brothers)
Azure Emote – The Third Perspective (Selfmadegod)
Banisher – Degrees Of Isolation (Selfmadegod)
Beast Of Revelation – The Ancient Ritual Of Death (Iron Bonehead)
Blind Channel – Violent Pop (Out Of Line)
Blue Oyster Cult – 40th Anniversary: Agents Of Fortune – Live 2016 DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Body Count – Carnivore (Century Media)
Burning Witches – Dance With The Devil (Nuclear Blast)
Canis Dirus – Independence To The Beast (Bindrune)
Crematory – Unbroken (Napalm)
Dark Helm – Hymnus de Anththeist (Triton’s Orbit)
Dwaal – Gospel Of The Vile (Dark Essence)
Earth Rot – Black Tides Of Obscurity (Season Of Mist)
Eciton – Suspension Of Disbelief (Wormholedeath)
Elyne – Art Of Being Human (Self)
Ghost Toast – Shape Without Form (Inverse)
Graveslave – Devotion EP (Trvasfuk)
Ground Patrol – Geophone (Art As Catharsis)
Hangatyr – kalt (Self)
Harem Scarem – Change The World (Frontiers)
Kannustaa – Kannustaa (Self)
Khymera – Master Of Illusions (Frontiers)
Lurker Of Chalice – Tellurian Slaked Furnace (Nuclear War Now!)
Medium – Medium (Transcending Obscurity)

Monolith – No Saints No Solace (Self)
Mortuous – Among The Lost/Mors Immortalis Re-Release (Carbonized)
My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion (Nuclear Blast)
The Neal Morse Band – The Great Adventour: Live In BRNO 2019 (InsideOut)
Novena – Eleventh Hour (Frontiers)
Order Of The Emperor – Faster Into Flames (Self)
Psychonaut – Unfold The God Man (Pelagic)
Pure Wrath – The Forlorn Soldier EP (Debemur Morti)
Ron Coolen – Rise (RC)
Rose Tattoo – Outlaws (Cleopatra)
Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire (AFM)
Rough Grind – Pieces Of Resistance (Inverse)
Seas Of Winter – Forest Aflame (Akashic Envoy)
Scarab – Martyrs Of The Storm (Vicisolum)
Semblant – Obscura (Frontiers)
Shockproof – The Will The Reason And The Wire (Time To Kill)
Stonus – Aphasia (Electric Valley)
Svengahli – Nightmares Of Our Own Design EP (Self)
The Thomas Thompson Earth Project – Dreamland Lovecraft (Roxx)
To Conceal The Horns – Purist (Purity Through Fire)
Trauma – Ominous Black (Selfmadegod)
Tribe Of Pazuzu – King Of All Demons EP (Vic)
Tulus – Old Old Death (Soulseller)
Untitled With Drums – Hollow (Seeing Red)
Viogression – Expound And Exhort Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Viscera – Obsidian (Unique Leader)
Voodoo Six – Simulation Game (Explorer1)
Vredehammer – Viperous (Indie)
Wombbath – Choirs Of The Fallen (Soulseller)
Wvrm – Colony Collapse (Prosthetic)


March 13, 2020

5RVLN5 – The Black Mark (Self)
Afterbirth – Four Dimensional Flesh (Unique Leader)
Ambush – Infidel (High Roller)

Architectural Genocide – Cordyceptic Anthropomorph (Comatose)
Aronious – Perspicacity (The Artisan Era)
Askvader – Askvader (The Sign)
Barnabus – Beginning To Unwind (Rise Above)
Bells And Ravens – In Our Blood (Dr. Music)
Benevolent Like Quietus – Kill The Bliss (Self)
Bone Church – Acid Communion (Ripple)
Code Orange – Underneath (Roadrunner)
Conny Bloom – Game! Set! Bloom! (Mighty)
Cycle – Cosmic Clouds (Rise Above)
David Reece – Cacophony Of Souls (El Puerto)
DeadRisen – DeadRisen (AFM)
Deathbeds – Sinner (Collision Course)
Deathless Legacy – Saturnalia (Scarlet)
Death The Leveller – II (Cruz Del Sur)

Devin Townsend Project – By A Thread: Live In London 2011 Vinyl Box Set (InsideOut)
Dexter Ward – III (No Remorse)
Dirt Woman – The Glass Cliff (Grimoire)
Disconnected Souls – Warring Elements EP (Self)
Dozer – In The Tail Of A Comet Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Ergodic – Ergodic EP (Self)
Formosa – Danger Zone (Metalville)
Fotocrime – South Of Heaven (Profound Lore)
The Goners – Good Mourning (RidingEasy)
Habu – Distant Thunder (Self)
Hubris – Metempsychosis EP (Art As Catharsis)
Human Impact – Human Impact (Ipecac)
Huntsmen – Mandala Of Fear (Prosthetic)
In The Fire – The Living Horror Show (HPGD)
Itus – Primordial EP (Self)
Jonathan Hulten – Chants From Another Place (Kscope)
Khost – Buried Steel (Cold Spring)
Lord Of Light – Morningstar (No Remorse)
Lychgate – Also Sprach Futura (Debemur Morti)
Necrophiliac – No Living Man Is Innocent (Xtreem)

Necrostrigis – From Bleak Cavernous Chambers (Nebular Carcinoma)
The Oneira – Injection (Rockshots)
Orphan Donor – Old Patterns (Self)
Pestifer – Expanding Oblivion (Xenocorp)
Puta Volcano – Amma (The Orchard)
Rotting Kingdom – A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow (Boris)
Ruin Lust – Choir Of Babel (20 Buck Spin)
Smoulder – Dream Quest Ends EP (Cruz Del Sur)
Solitary Sabred – By Fire & Brimstone (No Remorse)
Spectral Lore and Mare Cognitum – Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine (I, Voidhanger)

Stitched Up Hewart – Darkness (Century Media)
Sutrah – Aletheia EP (The Artisan Era)
Svetlanas – Disco Sucks (Demons Run Amok)
Tomorrow Is Lost – Therapy (Eclipse)
Tonight We Stand – New World Disorder (This Is Core)
The Unity – Pride (SPV/Steamhammer)
Verbal Razors – By Thunder And Lightning (Deadlight)
Video Nasties – Dominion (APF)
Vulcano – Eye In Hell (Mighty)


March 20, 2020

Annie Lo. Projekt – A Time Called Forever (Pride & Joy)
Art Of Shock – Dark Angeles (Century Media)
Bad As – Crucified Society (Sliptrick)
Baxaxaxa – The Old Evil EP (Iron Bonehead)

Beneath My Sins – I Decide (Pride & Joy)
Brain Stem – Symptoms Of Annihilation – Stage 2 EP (Self)
Christian Muenzner – Path Of The Hero (Shredquarter)
Death On Fire – Ghost Songs (Self)
Def Leppard – The Early Years 79-81 Box Set (UMe/Virgin)
Dio – The Studio Album Collection: 1996-2004 (BMG/Niji)
Dozer – Call It Conspiracy Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Dozer – Madre De Dios Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Escuela Grind – Indoctrination (Armageddon)
Eye Flys – Tub Of Lard (Thrill Jockey)
Fool’s Ghost – Dark Woven Light (Prosthetic)
Grift – Budet (Nordvis)
Heaven Shall Burn – Of Truth And Sacrifice (Century Media)
Helen Money – Atomic (Thrill Jockey)
Helion – The Great Fall (Revalve)
Hemotoxin – Restructure The Molded Mind (Unspeakable Axe)
High Tone Son Of A Bitch – Lifecycles: EPs of HTSOB (Tee Pee)
Hyborian – Volume II (Season Of Mist)
IIVII – Grinding Teeth/Zero Sleep (Consouling Sounds)
Libethra – Hoe Koud Het Was (Self)
Live Suffer Die – A Voice From Beyond Death (Moribund)
Lost Legacy – In The Name Of Freedom (Pure Steel)

Lucifer – Lucifer III (Century Media)
Malokarpatan – Krupinské ohne (The Fires of Krupina) (Invictus)
Mass Hysteria – Best Of + Live At Hellfest DVD/CD (Out Of Line)
Master Boot Record – Floppy Disk Overdrive (Metal Blade)
The Medea Project – Sisyphus (Self)
Medico Peste – The Black Bile (Season Of Mist)
Myrkur – Folkesange (Relapse)
Neck Of The Woods – The Annex Of Ire (Pelagic)
Necrogosto – Ancestral Bestiality EP (Nuclear War Now!)
Neorhythm – Terrastory (Self)
New Primals – Horse Girl Energy (Learning Curve)
Nite – Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (Creator-Destructor)
O Zorn! – Your Killer (Seeing Red)
Porn – No Monsters In God’s Eyes: Act III (Self)
Pyrior – Fusion (Tonzonen)
Saltas – Mors Salis: Opus I (Nuclear War Now!)
Sky Valley Mistress – Faithless Rituals (New Heavy Sounds)
Sons Of Disaster – Cursed (Mottow Soundz)
Svengali – Sayonara (Self)
Taake/Whoredom Rife – Pakt Split EP (Terratur Possessions)
Tethra – Empire Of The Void (Black Lion)
Vectis – No Mercy For The Weak EP (Helldprod)
Virocracy – Irradiation (Black Sunset/MDD)
Waltari – Global Rock (Metalville)
Wardaemonic – Acts Of Repentance (Transcending Obscurity)
White Stones – Kuarahy (Nuclear Blast)
Wind Of The Black Mountains – Black Sun Shall Rise Re-Release (Moribund)


March 27, 2020

Aevum – Multiverse (darkTunes)
Age Of Emergence – The War Within Ourselves EP (Self)
Amnutseba – Emanatism (Iron Bonehead)
Angerot – The Divine Apostate (Redefining Darkness)
Aodon – 11069 (Willowtip)
Arcada – Projections (Edged Circle)

Arkado – Never Say Never (AOR Heaven)
The Beautiful Mistake – You’re Not Broken. I Am EP (Wiretap)
Black Vice – The Alchemist’s Vision (Crown And Thorne)
Candlemass – The Pendulum EP (Napalm)
Chromb! – Le Livre Des Merveilles (Dur et Doux)
Chrome Ghost – The Diving Bell (Seeing Red)
Chronicle – Demonology (Mighty)
Crypt Dagger – From Below EP (Dying Victims)
Den Syvende Son – Trods (Target)
Deranged – Deeds Of Ruthless Violence (Agonia)
Diarchy – Splitfire (Unherd)
Dodenbezweerder – Vrees de toorn… (Iron Bonehead)
Ecnephias – Seven: The Pact Of Debauchery (My Kingdom)
Enepsigos – Wrath Of Wraths (Osmose)

Excalibur – Cero (Fighter)
Existenz – Meltdown (Heptown)
Graceless – Where Vultures Know Your Name (Raw Skull)
Great Electric Quest – Live From Freak Valley (Ripple)
The Grenadines – Band On The Run (Target)
Grim Ravine – It’s A Long Way Down, To Where You Are (Hostile)
The Heavy Eyes – Love Like Machines (Kozmik Artifactz)
Hecate – Ode Au Desert Suspendu (Mourning Light)
Igorrr – Spirituality And Distortion (Metal Blade)
Imonolith – State Of Being (Self)
Interitum – Forever. Silent. Broken. (Self)
In This Moment – Mother (Roadrunner/Atlantic)
Irist – Order Of The Mind (Nuclear Blast)
Justify Rebellion – The Ends Justify The Means (Mighty)
Lethal Steel – Running From The Dawn EP (High Roller)
Little Albert – Swamp King (Self)
Lost Symphony – Chapter I (Xoff)
Lutharö – Wings Of Agony EP (Self)
Magic Sword – Endless (Joyful Noise)
Me And That Man – New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1 (Napalm)
Midas – The Demos (Dying Victims)
Moon Destroys – Maiden Voyage EP (Brutal Panda)
Nekrovault – Totenzug: Festering Peregrination (Van)
Nerve Saw – Peril (Testimony)
Newman – Ignition (AOR Heaven)
Omega Infinity – Solar Spectre (Season Of Mist)
The Outfit – Viking (Pavement)

Overlaps – In Your Room (Time To Kill)
Parkway Drive – Viva The Underdogs (Epitaph)
Return – V Re-Release (AOR Heaven)
Shellz – No More Love Songs (Dead Serious)
Skyryder – Vol. 2 EP (High Roller)
Solothus – Realm Of Ash And Blood (20 Buck Spin)
Stone Machine Electric – Stone Machine Electric (Self)
Telepathy – Burn Embrace (Svart)
Temple Of Void – The World That Was (Shadow Kingdom)

Tesla – Five Man London Jam (UMe)
Torchia – The Coven (Rockshots)
Twitch Of The Death Nerve – A Resting Place For The Wrathful (Comatose)
Velnias – Scion Of Aether (Eisenwald)
Void Of Sleep – Metaphora (Aural)

Wake – Devouring Ruin (Translation Loss)
Welicoruss – Siberian Heathen Horde (El Puerto)
Woorms – Twitching, As Prey (Hospital/Sludgelord)
WuW – Rétablir L’Eternité (Prosthetic)
ZhOra – Mortals (Hostile)