The lights go out, the darkness embraces everything and the macabre dance of “Vampiri” begins to creep into your minds.
This is how ECNEPHIAS present the new song taken from “Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery”, a new lethal dose of obscure and morbid Dark Metal that leads the Lucanian band to give a new face to the creatures of the night.
Here the videoclip of “Vampiri” edited by Sergio at Adhiira Art, which shows its darker, malignant and dismal side

Video editing by ADHIIRA ART:

Music by Mancan and Nikko

Lyrics by Mancan and Matteo Restaino

Cover artwork by Luciana Nedelea

Mixed and mastered by Federico Falasca


ECNEPHIAS “Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery” is available at

Official sites:



Band Members:

Mancan – vocals, bass

Nikko – guitars, keys

Demil – drums, percussions

Cover and Track List:

Without Lies

The Night Of The Witch


Tenebra Shirts

The Dark


The Clown

Il Divoratore

Rosa Mistica