The extreme metal genre appeared back in the 1980s, with the subgenre containing Death, grindcore and rising influence of Black Metal which would combine both Death and Thrash into the mix, however, for this review, we focus on Death and Thrash, from, Diabolic Force. A three-piece band hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, unleashing their second full-length album following first an EP released in 2001, then a split with Farscape, a Thrash band, and finally a strange a demo in 2002, before seven-years past with the first album in 2009, entitled March to Calvary. Then 8-years later comes ‘Praise of Satan’ released first on Mutilation Productions and then on September 14, 2018 from Hells Headbangers Records came a wider release on CD, Limited Edition LP, Cassette, and Digital through Bandcamp.  In a simple comparison to understand the band’s influence think of Venom meeting Sodom for an aggressive and raw sounding album that invokes Satanic references clearly and well-defined to offend.

It begins with the invoke of a Satanic prayer that will have some thinking back to 1970s The Omen and other horror flicks that brought a strong theme of Satanism to the forefront of blasphemous intent. There are three tracks that clock in under 2-minutes and show the flair for the thrash attack, but “Cross in Fire” and “Black Light Damnation” efficient tracks, however the vocals sounds a tad too low, unsure if that is what the band wanted if the howls and screams echoing from hell or production was an issue either way it works for the overall effect on the album. There’s a hint of doom metal seeping in on the longer tracks “Whorehouse Queen” and especially “The Circle” the final song contains a slower approach but as previous the lyrics strike a hellish design, that beckons for them to become their own demonic horror flick.

Tracks Listing:

Satan’s Power
Doom Child
Cross in Fire
Blasphemic Sound
Volcanic Mutilation
Whorehouse Queen
Black Light Damnation
Rotting Lips
The Circle


Whipstriker – Bass, Vocals
Poisonhell – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Hugo Golon – Drums


Whipstriker’s vocals provide sounds of torture and ache of a release to cause chaos which echoes back to Bathory and the feverish speed reminds one of early Motorhead, it all works well to provide the listener with an opening volley for the next black metal album they decide to crank the volume, in the hopes of offending someone with sensitive ears.


Baron Rating: 4/5


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