International “animals rights” fighters The Way of Purity are proud to announce that “Schwarz Oder Rot” will be out on 10/01/2020 via Wormholedeath.


Band Statement:

“The 10th of January is a very special day for us because our 4th album “Schwarz Oder Rot” will be throughout the worldwide digital market via Wormholedeath / The Orchard. We believe that this is our best record ever, as it features many strong points that we have been able to showcase in our previous 3 releases. The mechanical brutality of “Crosscore”, the melodic and apocalyptic epicness of “Equate” and the electronic / industrial vibes of “The Majesty Of Your Becoming”. A lot of new influences have been added… ideas such as the indie rock/shoegaze riffs and vibes, darkwave patterns and the male vocals which are a new element. The collaborations with various amazing guests have enriched the album with their great external input…Bolverk from Ragnarok has given his black metal touch, Rachel Aspe has turned her song into something absolutely devastating with her incendiary vocals, Polina Larsen has opened one of the special parts to the point of moving the listeners and Phil from Final Coil has created the perfect funeral soundtrack for human kind with the album’s outro. We are so proud of this record and we can’t wait to share it with you all, as it is the soundtrack of your end. Enjoy it and leave the planet forever.”

“…Our symbol is the GOAT (created by Aleister Crowley), and stands for the animal strength, the brutal power of mother nature… This is perfectly in line with our religion.

Track Listing:

The Plague



We Urge Human Race To Commit Global Mass Suicide

Wishing Death Upon You All




Bemoaned AD

Evening Falls


Leave (OUTRO)


“The Plague” [Official Lyric Video]