Well, first I had a meeting with the owner of The Horror Times, and due the constant lateness of the issue our new publication date is every month on the 15th, which works well for a few reasons, it lets me confirm the New Releases as we are the only horror site doing this feature anymore that we aware of. Then as you notice there is the Remembrance of the Dead, a lengthy list covering all those who passed on in 2019 that contributed to the horror genre, many sites give a cursory glance and those horror sites will note about 20 names, not us, we strive for a detailed list, but did I get them all, likely missed someone or a few that’s where you the readers come in we need your help so the list can be complete and detail. The length originally tallied over 100 WORD document pages, hence we divided it into 4-quarters. Now that list takes time to proof, and while often it leads off Baron’s Crypt it still results on missing someone, therefore the decision to publish it every month starting in 2020.

I was want to thank everyone for the great comments and as we slightly retool Baron’s Crypt which is returning on January 10, 2020 it shall include the shout-out portion and we are going to be reaching out to horror fans to come on the show to discuss their art or craft and love / passion for the horror genre, as on January 31st the show turns 6-years old, one of the long lasting horror podcasts.

As for film reviews, well they keep pouring in, and many enjoyed the vast selection, from the obscure Matango to  Blu-ray reviews and others, this month delivers something similar. However, as you know the decade ended and folks and fans released their favorites of the past 10-years, sorry not me, I stated them on the last Baron’s crypt show. Others went to name the horror films they saw in past year, okay interesting but what more incredible watch one you’ve never seen before each passing day, explore past your limitations, discover new horrors, after all there’s over 25,000 horror movies found throughout the world. One final thing, this issue has a lot of sea-fearing flicks, and there’s reason, I was asked directly by director James Balsamo to become an associate producer of Killer Waves 2, and even filmed a two-minute death scene for it, which is slated for a February 2020 release date.

Yes we notice this new wrinkly occurring on the site of some the links reverting to a blank about.com page, we are working to correct that issue, as do check on the trailers most sites don’t again we care for the reviews and readers, thus want great product for everyone.

Thanks for a slashing good time, our January 2020 issue is due on February 15th, and it’ll contain our list of the most read reviews on the site of 2019 and a few other items as we line a slaughter fest of new treats and tricks for our readers. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re in need of marketing help for your film or bands contact us on Facebook or Twitter.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief