I had the opportunity to attend a special engagement of The Prowler (1981) an obscure and to some a film that fell through the cracks of time, it was a movie of the beloved slasher gory glory years, which was airing in Cape May, NJ. The event was arranged by Kenny Caperton, a super horror fan, who actually built the legendary Myers House from Halloween (1978) hence its creation in NC, which led to On Set Cinema which tours the nation showing horror movies that were filmed or created in those original places. I have heard Kenny many times beforehand, and familiar with his concept however never had the opportunity to attend any of them due to the distance. Now granted, the costs aren’t cheap, but think of all the time and effort to hold a one night event, and this time he got Vicky Dawson (who portrayed Pam MacDonald), who starred in one horror film to date to fly out from California, her first time back not only in New Jersey but in Cape May, as it was filmed at few locations but primary at the Inn of Cape May.

The Inn of Cape May, a Victorian House/Building, served as the place for some of the scenes and the dance hall, for those that decided to stayover got a discount code and why not make a weekend out to the event, hence visit a local art gallery and purchasing a few eerie paintings. However, the night had a looming local coastal storm loomed whipping the wind the ferociously, but everyone readied themselves inside the “Rose Room” for the screening, an interesting play on words, since the alternative title the movie is Rosemary’s Killer. For those that arrived early or stayed over, they toured the Inn’s halls and staircases matching previous scenes to modern day. Kenny organized a great venue complete with a sheet cake (very tasty), punch, streamers and several red roses placed inside the establishment.

The evening included one cosplayer, Joe La Scola who dressed as the killer complete with a red rose, he needs to be invited stalk horror cons. Vicky, was on hand to meet the fans and even had my picture taken, for unveiling likely the largest poster and a rare item, the Italian 40 x 60 poster ‘entitled Rosemary’s Killer’, which shocked many on hand, as well as having her sign my Prowler record from Waxwork Records, (a lot fans brought that and the Blu-ray covers) to be signed.

However, before the screening, Kenny made the announcement about the passing of Joy Glaccum, who was excited to attend her first event ever, but died on September 30th, 2019 in Little Egg Harbor, NJ it was shocking as she was in good health, once again showing the reaper tolls everyone, never know what day yours is. He informed us that she was going to bring the original dear John from the film, oh what a sight that would have been, it all showed the emotion on his face.

I was in in the front the row and brought along my girlfriend, who never saw the film (she wasn’t alone, others in attendance had not seen it) she was shocked both from the graphic scenes and how the audience clapped at various moments throughout the film, namely the kills. It’s always nice to show a virgin of the genre or a certain movie to a special showing. Of course after the film, there was a great Q&A session, which included a funny moment that Vicky mentioned, the laundry service was nonexistent, hence on the day of the final girl struggle with the killer scene, she didn’t know what was going to happen, she had worn the white jockey underwear of then boyfriend (now husband), it brought quite a bite of laughter.



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Additional note of interest for travelers.

Actually, this film offers the opportunity even day trippers or those touring the nation to visit horror film sites and a fun exploration if they truly know the area or curious to venture down a wrong turn or enjoy some backroads. For example, the gazebo sits at the center of a small pond on the property, the rebuilt church lies in the background, it is located on Route 9 South in Seaville, NJ, if you visit be very respectful.

The Emlen Physick Estate was the home of Major Chatham (Lawrence Tierney), which is a Victorian Home transformed into a museum and even contain haunted tour during the Halloween season, then there’s the Southern Mansion bed & breakfast, another Victorian Building which was used as the climax for the film links below for both of these locations. As for the cemetery, sorry due to others in the past for not respecting the grounds I shall not reveal that information.