First, I did do a review of this flick when released on VOD, and now with the opportunity to review the Blu-ray and thought why not, because I enjoyed the film, even though some critics did not. Secondly, I’m still new to doing Blu-ray releases, and a few other sites handle these on a frequent basis, its very fine how they present them, however I’m not into copying from others, rather presenting my own version. Namely I know some like to get into the video and audio ratio aspects, no thank you, basically I concern myself with the quality of movie and special features offered, to worth of purchasing.

Trick simply is a mass murderer on a rampage with a former FBI agent turned personal detective tracking down what appears to be an unstoppable killer; however the story is much deeper and takes a slow burn to understand everything which occurs, namely the cult mentality evolving around the homicidal massacres on Halloween night. This is much more than one brutal nonsensical killer laying waste to a group of mindless teenagers hold-up somewhere for the evening. There’s more than a few critics to slam the film for it being too fantasy filled or not realistic, but how real is a Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers killing spree, Ghostface works closer to a sense of normalcy. I think one can return to the base concept Wes Craven uttered once “It’s only a movie”. Yes plot holes exist, but the concept is enjoyable mindless entertainment. Aside from all that the movie contains plenty of slashing, slitting and explosions of blood-loss, in case you need some extra splatter in your viewing.

As for the picture, it looks wonderful, crisp and a vast improvement from the small computer screen on which I saw the original film, and will present nicely on a 40-inch Smart-TV. The only bonus material is a 15-minute featurette called The Making of Trick, includes interviews primarily with director and writer  Patrick Lussiier and Todd Farmer who also served as both screenwriter and actor as Deputy Wan, mentioning how that what a slasher movie with a thinking killer; included in the session with cast members among them Omar Epps and Jamie Kennedy.  Strangely the Blu-ray leaves off Trick’s own movie trailer, therefore the overall in the end should one purchase, if you are fan of Tom Aktins definitely get it, but otherwise renting or even just seeing it on VOD is good enough, simply due the lack of special features.

Baron’s Rating: 4.0/10