December 15

Born On December 15

1984 – Amy Holt, appeared in “Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre”, “Dinocroc vs. Supergator”, “Girls Gone Psycho.”

1983 – Camilla Luddington, appeared in “The Pact II” and “True Blood (TV Series).”

1981 – Brendan Fletcher, he appeared in “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour (TV Series)”, “Altergeist”, “Leprechaun: Origins”, “13 Eerie”, “BloodRayne: The Third Reich”, “Freddy vs. Jason” and many more.

1972 – Stuart Townsend, who played “LeStat” in “Queen of the Damned,” and the new “Kolchak” in the short lived series “The Night Stalker.”

1963 – Ellie Cornell, has appeared in “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers”, “Halloween 5”, “House of the Dead”, “House of the Dead 2”, “All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos”, “The Thirst”, “Femme Fatales (TV Series)” and more.

1949 – David Niven Jr., produced the film “Psycho Cop Returns.”

1936 – Director Joe D’Amato, whose films include “Buried Alive,” “The Grim Reaper” and “Troll 2.”

Died On December 15

2013 – Joan Fontaine, starred in the Hammer film “The Witches”.

2010 – Jean Rollin, he directed such films as “The Rape of the Vampire”, “The Nude Vampire”, “Requiem for a Vampire”, “The Shiver of the Vampires”, “Zombie Lake”, “The Living Dead Girl” and many more.

2003 – Director/producer Edward Montagne, whose films include “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken,” the TV movie “The Munsters’ Revenge”.

1991 – James Whitworth, starred as “Jupiter” in Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes” and “The Hills Have Eyes Part II”.

1962 – Charles Laughton, starred in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Island of Lost Souls”, and “The Old Dark House” alongside Boris Karloff.

Films Released On December 15

Killer Ape (1953)
Frankenstein’s Daughter (1958)

The Innocents (1961)
Gamera the Invincible (1966)
Young Frankenstein (1974)
The Corpse Grinders 2 (2000)
Mental Scars (2009)

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December 16

Born On December 16

1967 – Miranda Otto, appeared in “I, Frankenstein”, “War of the Worlds”, “What Lies Beneath”, “The 13th Floor” and more.

1961 – Shane Black, who appeared in “Predator” and “RoboCop 3” and wrote the screenplay for “The Monster Squad.”

1955 – Xander Berkeley, has appeared in numerous films and TV shows including “The Guardian”, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, “Candyman”, “The X-Files (TV Series)”, “Wolf Lake (TV Series)”, “Being Human (TV Series)”, “Salem (TV Series)” and many more.

1947 – Ben Cross, who appeared in the film “Exorcist; The Beginning,” “Wicked Little Things,” “Species: The Awakening,” starred as “Barnabas Collins” in the 1990 TV remake of the series “Dark Shadows”.

Died On December 16

2011 – Nicol Williamson, appeared in “The Exorcist III”.

2008 – Sam Bottoms, had appeared in “The X-Files (TV Series)”, “Project Shadowchaser III”, “Dolly Dearest”, and “Up From the Depths”.

1993 – Moses Gunn who appeared in the films “Firestarter,” “Amityville II: the Possession”.

1989 – Lee Van Cleef, who appeared in the films “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms,” “It Conquered the World” and “Escape From New York”.

1962 – Lew Landers directed the films “Return of the Vampire,” the 1935 version of “The Raven” with Karloff and Lugosi, and “The Mask of Diijon”.

Films Released On December 16

The Mummy (1959)
Son of Godzilla (1967)
The Keep (1983)

Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)
Hellmaster (1992)
Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)

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December 17

Born On December 17

1986 – Vanessa Zima, appeared in “Cavedweller”, “Wicked.”

1986 – Emma Bell, who played “Amy” on the AMC series “The Walking Dead.” She also appeared in the films “Hatchet II” and the upcoming “Final Destination 5.”

1977 – Katheryn Winnick, has appeared in “The Gates (TV Series)”, “Amusement”, “Hellraiser: Hellworld”, “Satan’s Little Helper.”

1975 – Milla Jovovich, starred in the films “The Fifth Element” “Resident Evil,” “Resident Evil: Apocalypse,” “Resident Evil: Extinction,” “Resident Evil: Afterlife”, “Resident Evil: Retribution”.

1974 – Sarah Paulson, stars on the FX series “American Horror Story (TV Series)”, “Bug” and “American Gothic (TV Series).”

1970 – Sean Patrick Thomas appeared in the films “Halloween Resurrection,” “Dracula 2000” and “The Burrowers.”

1969 – Laurie Holden, starred as “Andrea” on “The Walking Dead (TV Series).” She also appeared in “The Mist”, “Silent Hill”, “The X-Files (TV Series)”, “Poltergeist: The Legacy (TV Series)” and more.

1953 – Bill Pullman, who starred in “The Grudge,” “The Serpent and the Rainbow,” “Scary Movie 4” and “Independence Day.”

1953 – Barry Livingston, appeared in the films “Tremors 3: Back To Perfection,” Maniac 3: Badge of Silence” and “Invisible Mom.”

1954 – Ernie Hudson, who was in “Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II ” as well as starring in “Leviathan,” “The Crow” and “Hood of Horror.”

1934 – Peter Schrum, appeared in the films “Trancers,” “Terminator 2″ and Demonic Toys.”

1933 – Marilyn Eastman, appeared in the original “Night of the Living Dead.” She has also appeared in “Santa Claws” and “Living Dead.”

1927 – Richard Long, played “Lance Schroeder” in the original “House on Haunted Hill.”

Died On December 17

2009 – Writer/director Dan O’Bannon writing credits include the screenplays for “Alien,” “Aliens,” “Return of the Living Dead” (which he also directed) and “Total Recall.”

1999 – Warren Ball who played in “The Corpse Grinders,”.

1992 – Dana Andrews starred in the films “Curse of the Demon,” “The Frozen Dead” and “Crack in the World”.

1988 – Director Jerry Hopper, whose credits include the TV series’ “The Addams Family”.

Films Released On December 17

Calling Dr. Death (1943)
The Tell-Tale Heart (1953)
Monster On the Campus (1958)
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (1966) – Japan
Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) – Rome
King Kong (1976)

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December 18

Born On December 18

1978 – Katie Holmes, starred in the films “Disturbing Behavior,” “Teaching Mrs. Tingle”.

1976 – Erin Simms, appeared in “The Possession”, “The Howling: Reborn”, “Fringe (TV Series)”, “Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV Series).”1968 – Casper Van Dien, who starred in the films “Sleepy Hollow” “Dracula 3000,” “Starship Troopers,” “Alpha Wolf,” “Darkness Reigns,” and “Starship Troopers 3: Marauder.”

1963 – Brad Pitt starred in “Interview With a Vampire,” “12 Monkeys”, “Se7en” and “World War Z.”

1955 – Ray Liotta, starred in the films “Hannibal,” and “Identity.”

1953 – Jeff Kober, is a wonderful character actor who has appeared in “The Walking Dead (TV Series)”, “Supernatural (TV Series)”, “The Hills Have Eyes II”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series)”, “Poltergeist: The Legacy (TV Series)”, “Kindred: The Embraced (TV Series)”, “The X-Files (TV Series)”, “The First Power”, “Alien Nation” and many more.

1946 – Steven Spielberg directed some films such as “Jaws”, “Duel”, “Jurassic Park” and more.

1925 – Peggy Cummins who starred in “Curse of the Demon.”

1917 – Ossie Davis who played “Portifoy” in the TV movie “Night Gallery” and also appeared in the TV mini-series ‘The Stand” and the film “Bubba Ho-tep.”

Died On December 18

2009 – Chas Balun, horror fan and writer for Fangoria magazine; also published the magazine “Deep Red.”

2006 – Joseph Barbera of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon duo.

2002 – Edward Norris who appeared in the films “The Mystery of Marie Roget” and “The Gorilla”.

Films Released On December 18

The Devil Rides Out (1968) – New York City
Nightkill (1980)
Ghost Story (1981)
Alligator II: The Mutation (1991) – USA video premiere
Hatchet (2006) – USA DVD premiere
AVH: Alien vs Hunter (2007)
Infection (2007)
The New Daughter (2009) – USA limited

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December 19

Born On December 19

1980 – Jake Gyllenhaal, starred in “Zodiac,” “Donnie Darko”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Nightcrawler.”

1977 – Irina Voronina, appeared in “Piranha 3DD”, “Hood of Horror”, “Ring of Darkness.”

1972 – Alyssa Milano, appeared in “The Canterville Ghost”, “Embrace of the Vampire”, “Poison Ivy II”, “Fear” and more.

1969 – Kristy Swanson starred in the films “Deadly Friend,” “Flowers In the Attic,” “Highway To Hell” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

1963 – Paul Rhys appeared in the films “From Hell” and “Hellraiser: Deader.”

1963 – Jennifer Beals who portrayed “The Bride” and appeared in “Vampire’s Kiss” and “The Grudge 2.”

1960 – Mike Lookinland, was assistant camera man on such films as “Halloween 4,” “Halloween 5” and the TV mini-series “The Stand, ” in which he had a small role.

1957 – John Gulager, a director of such films as “Feast”, “Feast II: Sloppy Seconds”, “Feast III: The Happy Finish”, “Piranha 3DD” and “Zombie Night.”

1949 – Nancy Loomis Keyes, has appeared in “Assault on Precinct 13”, “Halloween”, “The Fog”, “Halloween II”, “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” and more.

1916 – Roy Ward Baker, directed several films “The Monster Club”, “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires”, “– And Now the Screaming Starts!”, “The Vault of Horror”, “Asylum”, “Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde”, “Scars of Dracula”, “The Vampire Lovers” and “Five Million Years to Earth.”

1902 – Ralph Richardson, appeared in the films “Tales From the Crypt” (1972), “The Ghoul” (1933) and the TV movie “Frankenstein: The True Story” (1973).

Died On December 19

2005 – Yu Fujiki who starred in the films “King Kong vs Godzilla,” “War of the Gargantuas,” “Godzilla vs The Thing” (a.k.a. Mothra) and “Yog, Monster From Space”.

2003 – Les Tremayne whose numerous films included “Attack Of The B-Movie Monster,” “The Monster of Piedras Blancas,” “War Of The Worlds,” and “The Monolith Monsters”. He also appeared as the narrator of the American version of “King Kong vs. Godzilla.”

2003 – Hope Lange, best known for playing “Mrs. Muir” on the 1968 TV series “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,” also appeared in “Nightmare On Elm Street 2.”

1999 – Desmond Llewelyn, appeared in “Curse of the Werewolf” and “Corridors of Blood.”

1978 – Duncan Lamont, films included “Evil of Frankenstein,” “Quatermass and the Pit,” “The Creeping Flesh” and “Frankenstein Created Woman.”

1977 – Jacques Torneur, who directed the films “Curse of the Demon,” “Cat People” and “I Walked With a Zombie”.

Films Released On December 19

The Feathered Serpent (1948)
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (1965) – Japan
King Kong Lives (1986)
Opera (1987)
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Cannibal Cult (1999)
Altered (2006) – USA DVD premiere

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December 20

Born On December 20

1970 – Nicole de Boer, who starred in the TV series’ “Stephen King’s Dead Zone” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

1968 – Writer/producer/director Eduardo Sánchez, of such films as “The Blair Witch Project”, “Altered”, “Lovely Molly”, “V/H/S/2 segment”, “Exists”, “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (TV Series)”, and more.

1963 – Jörg Buttgereit, is a German writer/director of extreme horror films such as “Nekromantik”, “Nekromantik 2”, “Der Todesking: The Death King”, “Schramm: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer”, “Green Frankenstein” and more.

1952 – Jenny Agutter, who starred in “An American Werewolf In London,” “Logan’s Run” and “Child’s Play 2.”

1949 – Claudia Jennings, who appeared in ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth” and “Sisters Of Death.”

1945 – Peter Criss, drummer for the rock group “Kiss,” starred in “The Phantom of the Park” in a 1978 TV movie, and appeared on the “Paul Lynde Halloween Special” in 1976.

1943 – Jacqueline Pearce, who starred in the Hammer films “The Reptile” and “Plague of the Zombies”.

1905 – Albert Dekker who played the title role in the film “Dr. Cyclops” and appeared in the original “Gamera” film.

Died On December 20

2009 – Brittany Murphy starred in “Deadline” and “The Prophecy II.”

2001 – Foster Brooks, appeared in episodes of “The Munsters”.

1999 – James Wainwright, who appeared in the TV movie, “Killdozer”.

1973 – Bobby Darin his music has been used in movies like “The X-Files” and “Jack the Bear.” He also acted in the “Dead Weight” episode of “The Night Gallery.”

Films Released On December 20

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) – Japan
Hiroku Kaibyoden (1969)
Black Christmas (1974)
Enemy Mine (1985)
Monster High (1989)
Scream (1996)
Creep (2004) – USA DVD premiere
Santa’s Slay (2005) – USA DVD premiere
Monsterland (2008)

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December 21

Born On December 21

1984 – Jackson Rathbone, who plays “Jasper Hale” in the “Twilight” films.

1966 – Kiefer Sutherland, who starred in the films “The Lost Boys,” “Flatliners,” “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” “Dark City” and “Mirrors.”

1964 – Fabiana Udenio, played in “RoboCop 2”, “Freddy’s Nightmares (TV Series)”, “Bride of Re-Animator”.

1957 – Tsutomu Kitagawa who played “Kingugidora” in “Mothra 3” and “Gojira” in “Godzilla 2000,” “Godzilla vs. Megaguiru,” “Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla 2002” and “Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.”

1948 – Samuel L. Jackson, who starred in the films “Jurassic Park,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and “Snakes On A Plane.”

1944 – Ulli Lommel, writer/director of “Zombie Nation”, “Bloodsuckers”, “Boogeyman II” and more.

1943 – Jared Martin appeared in “The Sea Serpent” and the TV series “War of the Worlds.”

1943 – Jack Nance, who starred in “Eraserhead,” “Ghoulies,” the 1988 version of “The Blob” and in the TV series “Twin Peaks.”

1937 – Jane Fonda, starred in “Spirits of the Dead”.

1928 – Ed Nelson starred in the films “Night of the Blood Beast,” “The Brain Eaters” and “The Boneyard.”

1927 – Hammer producer/director Michael Carreras, films include “Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb,” “The Curse Of Frankenstein,” and “Horror Of Dracula.”

1908 – Producer/actor Arch Hall Sr., whose films include “The Thrill Killers,” “The Sadist” and “Eegah.”

Died On December 21

2005 – Myron Healey, starred in the films “Claws,” “The Incredible Melting Man” and “Varan, The Unbelievable”.

1983 – Rod Cameron, appeared in such films as “The Monster and the Girl,” “The Electronic Monster” and “Psychic Killer”.

1975 – Rowland V. Lee, who directed “The Return of Fu Manchu,” “Son of Frankenstein” and “Tower of London”.

1974, Richard Long, starred in the films “House on Haunted Hill” (1959), “Cult of the Cobra” and “The Stranger.”

Films Released On December 21

Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984)
Haunted House (2004)
Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

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