The World Premiere of “SHE WILL RETURN, Chapter 2 of the Pale Faced Lady Saga” is finally here… and just in time for Halloween.

This is filmmaker Jeff Payne’s highly anticipated follow-up to his nightmare based short film The Pale Faced Lady.

“SHE WILL RETURN, Chapter 2 of the Pale Faced Lady Saga” Credits:

Written, Edited, and Directed by Jeff Payne

Score provided by Aimy Miller

Mixed by Connor Jobes

Starring John Altom as Father

Rachel Taylor as
The Pale Faced Lady

Hidden Ghosts
Ren Allen
Cindy Fowler
Nate Fowler
Ashley Street
Kenneth Simerly
Anakin Taylor
Sherry Payne
Ashley Payne
Jeff Payne

Makeup by Ren Allen

Special Effects
Dustin Bryant
Zac Porter
Jason Martin
Karl Imhoff

Dustin Bryant
Jason Martin

Stunt Work
Dustin Miller

Lighting by Jeremy Gouge

Cortnee Sellner
Jeremy Gouge

Marketing Michael Joy

Special Thanks
Luke Thompson
Tim Hilemon
Morgan Overholt
Chelsy Nickles
Brayden Feltner

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*Thanks to Marketing Macabre