Putrid Coffin was a new band coming out of the Chilean old school death, thrash metal scene that had their debut in 2016 originally released “Under the Cemetery” independently which featured seven tracks of speed infused madness, that achieved a reissue in 2019 from Australis Records on February 10. In March, they released Desecrated Tombs on La Cripta Metal Shop, but for this review focuses on their first creation.

The fans of early to mid-90’s death thrash metal, will have their necks sore after this feverish and infectious display of speedy guitar shredding, while the vocals sound a tad rough, either due to production value hurting or trying to achieve a balance of growling, snarling vocals. The opening track ‘Dark Master, unleashes the quicken pace, that keeps the tempo revving at the max through the second song ‘Utopian Tale’ is another strong number that truly skull-fucks, be forewarned. While ‘Flesh Hunter’ bursts the speed outward in all directions to paralyze your senses and for those obsessed the power of drums that display comes from ‘Ancient Times’. Some complain that ‘Destruction Feeling’ starts far too slow, better listen again, yes the opening has downturn it delivers blasphemy rich vocals and pounds one senseless by the end.


Track listing:

Dark Master

Utopian Tale


Flesh Hunter

Ancient Times

Black Vomit Capitalism

Destruction Feeling

The album’s straightforward progression never veers into the exploration of progressive and dares not venture to the melodic death metal, rather staying to true to raw death metal with passion for the primitive format and keeping the lyrics in one general theme of uncompromising attitude.


Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5.0


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