Greetings once again, yep we are beyond late, I truly hoped to publish on November 3rd, actually had a lot of great articles planned but shelved all of those, the September Issue was massive over 25 reviews, this month is nowhere near that, and we (owner of site) decided to just cut it short, hence I think this is our smallest issue so far. It’s really bad form I know, not just for us but rather you the readers. How did this happened, my father’s medical issues are expensive and it’s becoming difficult to pay for certain things, especially when a client did not pay for promotion work. However, the bigger problem is going to all these different offices, veteran affairs liaison, Office of the Aging, social workers trying to arrange a household for his needs, handicap railings and even a hospital bed, these places all have daytime hours, plus numerous doctors, then visiting my father in the evenings and finally home leaves no time. Of course the medical issues mount because sadly at 92-years-old the health of the mind slipping faster than the body. He didn’t plan for this time in his life, and some suggest I create a GoFundMe page but unsure if that’ll work.

Therefore, last month (September issue) we strangely had a music press release hit 4,300 view count, no clue why but THANKS! And then our most read review now is Wax Mask, which was actually an archived review when on Rogue Cinema achieved 1500 views and now has 8100 – wow, thanks again, it’s very encouraging when we get these stellar numbers. I know one shouldn’t be concerned with numbers, but that’s our society, everything is gauged on them, how much for a budget, earnings, views, likes, you name it, it comes to the numbers.

So a smaller issue we’re still delivering reviews both old and new, including extensive coverage of NJ Horror Con and Film Festival, I don’t think they made a Horror Con yet that I can’t cover, by myself, challenge deliver to them. All in jest. I’m always thankful when invited to a horror event, as I fully cover the event no one sure how I do it. Nevertheless I know once my father is moved in, I can return to bigger issues and podcast shows running on a better schedule, please bear with us. I have notes finished on many reviews just need the time to review the movies – how many at least 95 that I ‘m trying to fit into the final 2 months of this year and decade.

Please take the time to review what we have, continue to know I live and breathe the horror lifestyle from eating cereal in zombie bowls, with zombie spoons, horror mugs and wearing t-shirts of horror movies, watching those special splatter flicks and listening to soundtracks of horror movies and of course many subgenres of metal music.

Until next month with lots of carving, turkey slashing and munching – Practice your knife skills.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief