October 4, 2019

Ahret Dev – Hellish Re-Release (Godz Ov War)
Alfahanne – Atomvinter (Indie)
Algebra – Pulse? (Unspeakable Axe)
Angel – Risen (Cleopatra)
Anoxia – To The Lions (Mighty)
Ashborn – Awakening (Self)
Boris – LφVE & EVφL (Third Man)
Cell – Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos (Self)
The Colony – Smoke And Mirrors (Self)
The Darkness – Easter Is Cancelled (Cooking Vinyl)
Debauchery – Blood For The Blood God (Massacre)
Dogs For Breakfast – Suiru (Woooaaargh)
Dysrhythmia – Terminal Threshold (Translation Loss)
Ehlder – Nordabetraktelse (Nordvis)
Entrail – Eater Of Starlight (Scry)
Esogenesi – Esogenesi (Transcending Obscurity)
Evil Invaders – Surge Of Insanity: Live In Antwerp 2018 DVD/CD (Napalm)
Exhumed – Horror (Relapse)
Flying Colors – Third Degree (Music Theory)
Fought Upon Earth – Grave Miscalculation (Self)
Gatecreeper – Deserted (Relapse)
Gevaudan – Iter (Self)
Gost – Valediction (Century Media)
Grendel’s Sister – Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz EP (Self)
Hell – Live At Roadburn 2018 (Roadburn)
Hellhorse – Paradise Lost EP (Creator-Destructor)
Helloween – United Live In Madrid DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
In Mourning – Garden Of Storms (Agonia)
Insomnium – Heart Like A Grave (Century Media)
Iron Kingdom – On The Hunt (Self)
Issues – Beautiful Oblivion (Rise)
Kublai Khan – Absolute (Rise)
Messora – The Door (Self)
Mnrva – Black Sky EP (Self)
Mobile Deathcamp – Vol 4-ish EP (Pavement)
Monte Luna – Drowners Wives (Argonauta)
Nightstalker – Great Hallucinations (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Nordkvade – Visdom & Makt (Naturmacht)
Obsidian Tongue – Volume III (Bindrune)
Oranssi Pazuzu – Live At Roadburn (Roadburn)
Planet Of Zeus – Faith In Physics (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Ramallah – The Last Gasp Of Street Rock N’ Roll (Sailor’s Grave)
Riphouse – Join The Family Re-Release (Self)
Riphouse – Riphouse II: The Family Dies! Re-Release (Self)
Riphouse – We Interrupt This Program Re-Release (Self)
Ripper – Sensory Stagnation (Unspeakable Axe)
Saint Karloff – Interstellar Voodoo (Majestic Mountain)
Seven Kingdoms – Empty Eyes (Self)
Sibiir – Ropes (Fysisk Format)
Slutvomit – Copulation Of Cloven Hooves (Invictus)
Soren Andersen – Guilty Pleasures (Mighty)
Suspyria – Regression (Self)
Syberia – Seeds Of Change (Metal Blade)
Toxic Holocaust – Primal Future: 2019 (eOne)
Vultures – Hunger EP (Self)
Womit Angel – Under Sadistic Pressure (Reaper Metal)
Xul Ov Kvlten – Entropic Increase From The Omega Aeon (ATMF)
Yurei – Saudade (Self)
Zeistencroix – Gen Z (Sliptrick)


October 11, 2019

Absolutum – II EP (The Crawling Chaos)
Aegrus – In Manus Satanas (Saturnal)
Akhlys – Supplication (Annapurna)
Alunah – Violet Hour (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Apokalyptic Raids – The Pentagram (Hells Headbangers)

Arx Atrata – The Path Untravelled (Self)
Babymetal – Metal Galaxy (Babymetal/Cooking Vinyl)
Bats – Alter Nature (Self)
Beastlurker – Sanguine Elixir Of Psychotropic Divination (Godz Ov War)
Bent Knee – You Know What They Mean (InsideOut)
Blackwater Holylight – Veils Of Winter (RidingEasy)
The Bleeding – Morbid Prophecy (World War Now)
Blut Aus Nord – Hallucinogen (Debemur Morti)
The Body – Remixed (Thrill Jockey)
Burier – Burier (Goatowarex)
Carcinoid – Metastatic Declination (Memento Mori)
Cold In Berlin – Rituals Of Surrender (New Heavy Sounds)
Crepuscle – Heavenly Skies (Creator-Destructor)
The Devil Wears Prada – The Act (Solid State)
Dodfodd – Stigma (Annapurna/Clavis Secretorvm)
Dysangelium – Death Leading (W.T.C.)
Eclipse – Paradigm (Frontiers)
Entrails – Rise Of The Reaper (Metal Blade)
Epica – Design Your Universe Gold Edition (Nuclear Blast)
Ethereal Kingdoms – Hollow Mirror (Mighty)
Fateful Finality – Executor (Fastball)
Feralia – Helios Manifesto (Io Pan)
The Ferrymen – A New Evil (Frontiers)
Four Trips Ahead – …And The Fire Within (Dr. Music)
Grim Reaper – At The Gates (Dissonance)
Hell’s Coronation – Ritual Chalice Of Hateful Blood (Godz Ov War)
I Giardini di Chernobyl – Duel (Revalve)
Iron Age – The Sleeping Eye Re-Release (20 Buck Spin)
Jade – Smoking Mirror (Pulverised)
Juggernaut – Neuroteque (Subsound)
JX Arket – About Existence (Antigony)
Kadavar – For The Dead Travel Fast (Nuclear Blast)
Kelly Carmichael – Heavy Heart (Dogstreet)
Lacuna Coil – Black Anima (Century Media)
The Last Reign – Prelude (Self)
Left To Starve – Nikada Se Nisam Bojao Zmija (Rope Or Guillotine)
Life Of Agony – The Sound Of Scars (Napalm)
Lightning Bolt – Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey)
Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr (Self)
Michael Monroe – One Man Gang (Silver Lining)
Michael Sweet – Ten (Rat Pak)
Minus Youth – No Generation (Self)
Mortiferum – Disgorged From Psychotic Depths (Profound Lore)
Municipal Waste – The Last Rager EP (Nuclear Blast)
Nachtterror – Judgement (Hypnotic Dirge)
Necromantix – 3 Decades Of Darkle DVD/CD (Cleopatra)
NecroticGoreBeast – NecroticGoreBeast (Comatose)
Necrotted – Die For Something Worthwhile (Rising Nemesis)
One More Weekend – We Used To… (Sliptrick)
Opium Lord – Vore (Sludgelord)
Profanatica – Rotting Incarnation Of God (Season Of Mist)
Profetus – The Sadness Of Time Passing (Avantgarde)
Resurrect Tomorrow – The Wolf Re-Release (Profane)
Salem UK – Win Lose Or Draw (Dissonance)
Sammath – Across The Rhine Is Only Death (Hammerheart)
Screamer – Highway Of Heroes (The Sign)
Second Season – Weather The Storm (Pavement)
Shadecrown – Riven (Inverse)

Shadow Limb – Burn Scar (Seeing Red)
Signs Of The Swarm – Vital Depravation (Unique Leader)
Sights And Sounds – No Virtue (Static Era)
Singularity – Place Of Chains (The Artisan Era)
Stargazer – The Sky Is The Limit (Mighty)
Stew – People (Ripple)
Stomachal Corrosion – Stomachal Corrosion (Greyhaze)

Stormland – Incident Report (Self)
Thousand Below – Gone In Your Wake (Rise)
Thrashfire – Into The Armageddon (Xtreem)
Toothgrinder – I Am (Spinefarm)
Totengeflüster – The Faceless Divine (Black Lion)
Unleash The Archers – Explorers EP (Napalm)
Valleys – Fearless (Tragic Hero)
Vanden Plas – The Ghost Xperiment: Awakening (Frontiers)
Varials – In Darkness (Fearless)
Vinnie Moore – Soul Shifter (Mind’s Eye)
Vritra – Deinde Signum Mortifera (Goatowarex)
Wayward Sons – The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be (Frontiers)
Your Highness – Your Highness (Hoogheid)


October 18, 2019

1349 – The Infernal Pathway (Season Of Mist)
Align The Tide – Dead Religion (Cleopatra)
Alter Bridge – Walk The Sky (Napalm)
Armagedda – Only True Believers Re-Release (Nordvis)
Birdeatsbaby – The World Conspires (Dr. Music)
Black Mastiff – Loser Delusions (Grand Hand)
The Blamed – The Church Is Hurting People (Indie Vision)
The Bleeding – Morbid Prophecy (World War Now)
Blood Eagle – To Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed II EP (Nuclear Blast)
Byyrth – Cold Autumn Shadows EP (Iron Bonehead)
Captain Cheesebeard – Deadwood EP (Mottow Soundz)
Chaos Motion – Psychological Spasms Cacophony (Transcending Obscurity)
Cochise – Exit: A Good Day To Die (Metal Mind)
Coffin Rot – A Monument To The Dead (Blood Harvest/Rotted Life)
Confessions Of A Traitor – Guided (Sliptrick)

Danger Zone – Don’t Count On Heroes (Pride & Joy)
Dan McCafferty – Last Testament (earMusic)
Dismemberment – Arc Of Ancients (Creator-Destructor)
Eloy – The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre (Part II) (Artist Station)
Empty Trail – Lost EP (Golden Robot)
The Endangered Species – The Endangered Species (Self)
Extinction – The Apocalypse Mark (Revalve)
Following The Signs – Far From Over EP (Too Loud)
Giant Dwarf – Giant Dwarf (Sound Effect)
The Grand Mal – The Grand Mal (APF)
Hot Breath – Hot Breath (The Sign)
Ill Blood – Ill Blood EP (Farewell)
Infected Rain – Endorphin (Napalm)
In Sanity – Welcome To The Show (Self)
Introspect – Ad Astra EP (Self)
JD Miller – Afterglow (Mighty)
Joseph Tholl – Devil’s Drum (High Roller)
Katharos XIII – Palindrome (Loud Rage)
Konkhra – Alpha And The Omega (Hammerheart)
Lavisher – Drastic Shadows (Nefarious)
Mantra – Medium (Finisterian Dead End)
Merda Mundi – Hatred (Malpermesita)
More Than Machines – Paradigm (Self)
Nebulae – Pulse (Time To Kill)
Necronomicon – Unus (Season Of Mist)
Negator – Vnitas Pvritas Existentia (Massacre)
Ossuaire – Derniers Chants (Sepulchral)
Past The Fall – Insanity’s Ruin (Self)
Pissed Regardless – Imperial Cult (Creator-Destructor)
The Planchettes – The Truth (Rise Above)
Rank And Vile – Redistribution Of Flesh (Self)
Ray Alder – What The Water Wants (InsideOut)
Refused – War Music (Spinefarm/Search & Destroy)
Rexoria – Ice Breaker (Pride & Joy)
Rob Halford – Celestial (Legacy)
Sanctvs – Mors Aeterna (Sepulchral)
Santa Cruz – Katharsis (M-Theory)
Secret Chapter – Chapter One (Crime)
Shrine Of Insanabilis – Vast Vortex Litanies (WTC)
Soulsplitter – Salutogenesis (Self)
Temple Ov Perversion – Temple Ov Perversion EP (Clavis Secretorvm)
Spades And Blades – Beat The Odds EP (Self)
Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Teufelsbücher (Iron Bonehead)
Uneven Structure – Paragon (Long Branch)
Valcata – Valcata (Self)
VA Rocks – I Love VA Rocks (Metalville)
Vinsta – Drei Deita (Trollmusic)
Violent Opposition – Transcendent Re-Release (HPGD)
Wasted – Electrified (Denomination)
The Whirlings – Earthshine (Subsound)
Xoth – Interdimensional Invocations (Self)


October 25, 2019

Aephanemer – Prokopton Re-Release (Napalm)
Airbourne – Boneshaker (Spinefarm)
Alcest – Spiritual Instinct (Nuclear Blast)
The Almost – Fear Caller (Fearless)
Blackthorne – Blackthorne (Nefarious)
Atlas – The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet Re-Release (Wormholedeath)
Born For Burning – The Ritual (Critical Mass)
Botanist – Ecosystem (Aural)
Carnageslumber – Sadistic Mechanical Evolution (Extreme Metal)
Cathubodua – Continuum (Massacre)
Cirith Ungol – I’m Alive DVD/CD (Metal Blade)
Clawing/Catafalque – Memento Mori Split (Trepnation)
Cleric – Serpent Psalms (Redefining Darkness)
Cloak – The Burning Dawn (Season Of Mist)
Coilguns – Watchwinders (Hummus)
Crest Of Darkness – The God Of Flesh (My Kingdom)
Cthonica – Typhomenteia: Sacred Triarchy Of Spiritual Putrefaction (Clavis Secretorvm)
Controversial – Revelation (Self)
Dark Station – Down In The Dark (Self)
Darvulia – Acte Dix: Démos (Nebular Carcoma)
Dawn Ray’d – Behold Sedition Plainsong (Prosthetic)
Denial Of God – The Hallow Mass (Osmose/Hells Headbangers)
Dictated – Phobos (Self)
Disstorted – The Final Divide (Black Sunset/MDD)
Edenbridge – Dynamind (SPV/Steamhammer)
Effa Lente – An Appropriate Mourning Period (Self)
Exmortus – Legions Of The Undead EP (M-Theory)
Fiend – Onerous (Deadlight)
Fit For An Autopsy – The Sea Of Tragic Beasts (Nuclear Blast)
Fless – Frenzied Bloodlust Underneath A Black Moon Re-Release (Lunar Apparitions)
Fless – Volume I Re-Release (Lunar Apparitions)
Freaks And Clowns – Freaks And Clowns (Metalville)
Frontback – Don’t Mind The Noise (Black Lodge)
Golgotha – Erasing The Past (Xtreem)
The Great Old Ones – Cosmicism (Season Of Mist)
Haystack – The Sacrifice (Threeman)
Horrocius – Depleted Light And The Death Of Uniqueness (Osmose)
Hour Of Penance – Misotheism (Agonia)

Jan Akkerman – Close Beauty (Music Theories)
Jinger – Macro (Napalm)
John Malkovitch! – Hyenaeh (Antigony)
Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches – Covenant (Aural)
Leprous – Pitfalls (InsideOut)
Locket – All Out (Fearless)
The Lone Madman – Let The Night Come (Saturnal)
Lowcaster – Flames Arise (Ripple)
Mayhem – Daemon (Century Media)
Meltdown – Deadringer (Rambo)
Metalite – Biomechanicals (AFM)
Millennium – A New World (Pure Steel)
Moon Chamber – Lore Of The Land (No Remorse)
Motorhead – 1979 Box Set (BMG)
Motorhead – Bomber Re-Release (BMG)
Motorhead – Overkill Re-Release (BMG)
Nevaria – Finally Free (Dr. Music)
Noveria – Aequilibrium (Scarlet)
Norma Jean – All Hail (Solid State)
Ogre – Thrice As Strong (Cruz Del Sur)
Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity (Cruz Del Sur)
Perverted Ceremony/Witchcraft – Nighermancie/Black Candle Invoker Split (Nuclear War Now!)
Petbrick – I (Closed Casket)
Rings Of Saturn – Gidim (Nuclear Blast)
Runemagick – Into Desolate Realms (High Roller)
Saint Asonia – Flawed Design (Spinefarm)
Savage Master – Myth, Magic & Steel (Shadow Kingdom)
The Scourge – Warrant For Execution (Seeing Red)
Selenite – Mahasamadhi (Seance)
Sleave – Don’t Expect Anything (Engineer)
Solicitor – Solicitor EP Re-Release (Gates Of Hell)
Sorxe – The Ark Burner (Prosthetic)
South Harbour – A Withered World In Colour (Self)
Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – At The Gates (Dissonance)
Sunn O))) – Pyroclasts (Southern Lord)
Swans – Leaving Meaning (Young God)
Taiwaz – The Uninvited Guest (Psykofarmaka)
Timelost – Don’t Remember Me For This (Golden Antenna)
Tragic Death – Born Of Dying Embers EP (Self)
Turbokill – Vice World (SPV/Steamhammer)
Vassago – Knights From Hell Re-Release (Hells Headbangers)
Vastum – Orificial Purge (20 Buck Spin)
Vision Divine – When All The Heroes Are Dead (Scarlet)
Wolf Jaw – The Heart Won’t Listen (Self)
Wolves Like Us – Brittle Bones (Pelagic)
The World Without Us – Incarnate (Self)
Zonal – Wrecked (Relapse)