I had the pleasure of reading the latest creation from writer E.L. Jefferson, entitled Unleashed, that combines a few terror concepts together while relying in actually using real life basis for the story, I had originally written the review once already, but thought I should converse with the author before jumping to outrageous conclusions, thankfully I did; hence a heavily revised review.

The story found herein, combines a self-centered Dr Paul Laden who discovers a curious patient, at Mercy General Hospital in Maryland, that regenerates his organs and skin back to a healthy status, it does sound a tad like Frankenstein, and rightfully so, however it’s not all about one doctor’s mad skills and designs, no rather much more is occurring with this specimen. It dives into some of the darker aspects of society including the true negative treatment to someone with Downs Syndrome, and that they are never a true candidate for organ transfer, and society rather cast them aside. In addition, there’s a subplot of a mother, named Margaret pimping out her daughter, it’s a vile on-going story, that contains not only the profane language but unsavory racist terminology. The entire aspect reminds me of the true crime story involving the Theresa Knox family, that The Afflicted movie based itself off of. This became a sticking point for me and my original review, hence I confronted the author. Jefferson, had been at the time (now since retired) working in law enforcement and as investigator, these characters were often based off real individuals or a collection thereof, he met in the course of his career, and learning it’s not easy to come home and share these tragedies with family, in fact downright impossible, these books of fiction allow him to explore and expel these demons and the nightmarish visions that sunk into his mind. Therefore, instead of out the memories to rape his soul and torment his mind he is using his words as a form of therapy, and we become the readers of the atrocities.

While the book reads of sci-fi meets horror and sometimes longwinded voiceover passages written in italics, it shows the dreadful practices of our society from hypocrisy from the medical profession, that often violates the command of do no harm to the patient when actually it hurts the patient and their family in the end.  It also provides a deeper understand of wanting to help others and still receive all the rewards and gain more power, with the advanced information. However some knowledge comes with a risk verses the payoff, that starts to become a path in life that often leads to turmoil, hellish consequence, and so easy to get in the darkness of one’s heart and mind. Once the transplants occur, it spreads like rampant wildfire, and leads lies, coverups and in the evil finds itself unleashed, as if the light of saving grace twisted and masquerades as something far more sinister.

Do you dare explore and learn the fate, of nature and what man can unleash? It’s a well written storyline with believable characters, and upon understanding the author’s background it’s easy to see the development of them, as the author writes from the position of what you know.


Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5.0

Pages: 162

Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services

Date: 2018