On October 11th, New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival unleashes its Monsters upon the Showboat once again in Atlantic City, NJ, the sixth time the wild event spirals out of control, for those that can recall, their earlier session was in March of this year, clearly noting the huge crowds and well everyone found acceptance. That’s a key aspect at the con, there’s no bullying or intimidation, just one extended large family of friends, fiends and fans gathering to celebrate the passion for horror.

First this little promo article is done to tell why one should attend the convention, and what awaits them. Most know of this new event in NJ, taking over each year starting March 2017 and since then holding two shows each year, though this past year they added Shriekshows for good measures. In those years had some incredible guests such as Elvira, Harvey Stephens, Dee Snider, and Lea Thompson, so who is coming this year, what with a horror reunion, as that’s common the con circuit, – WHO??? Well, how about A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss from Part 1 and Mimi Craven (Part 2), and special effects guru Mick Strawn (Part 4); sorry no Robert Englund, but don’t that sour your  intentions, because a smaller reunion The Addams Family with Carel Struycken and Christina Ricci, but wait Horror Fans another one that involves the cult flick Frankenhooker. Yes that’s right the Frank Henenlotter movie that is a version of the Frankenstein story has with it Patty Mullen and James Lorinz!

Fret not a lot more of great stars to meet, including returning to the con, P.J. Soles of Halloween fame and recently seen in Candy Corn, and then Tiffany Shepis, who often hosts the LIVE Film Festival awards, something that definitely shouldn’t be missed.  Then there’s  Edward Furlong of Terminator 2 fame and as for musician it’s Peter Criss and also of Amityville II fame Diane Franklin both are returning, and why not they all enjoyed themselves and meeting their fans.

A true state horror, definitely, after all with the stars and numerous vendors, mask makers/sellers. comics, artists with paintings and sculptures and authors even independent filmmakers therefore one needs to plan their time at the con wisely. Think about who you want to meet and what to get signed, but the issue comes down to money, always a question well NJ Horror organizers worked with the stars to arrange an estimated pricing guide, which located on their site and here below.

Why is this important, obvious reason as there’s rare appearance by Craig Sheffer, well-known for his role in Nightbreed and the Jen and Sylvia Soska, those two that got suspended by Twitter for their explicit horror pics of Rabid! Some vendors will accept credit, but the stars are cash only, so plan carefully, but the film festival is free with admission.

Wait! There’s more! This year the convention changed slightly, allowing for more of a crossover into pop-culture that’s allowing three other reunions, this works in a few ways to benefit horror fans often a star in the horror genre works on a popular movie or series and this allows them to meet fans on both sides of the fan-bases. First up (no-order) Spaceballs, which has Felix Silla, George Wyner and Michael Winslow, however Michael’s there to represent another reunion of Police Academy, that includes Steve Guttenberg, Marion Ramsey and Leslie Easterbrook who has a lengthy list of horror films, including The Devil’s Rejects, that starred the late Sid Haig. In addition, Kimberley Kates of Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure and Diane Franklin makes for another reunion. If you, came out last time for signings of Biff’s character from Back to the Future then perhaps this interests you Claudia Wells and J.J. Cohen will be there. How about two majors firsts Carmen Electra and drum roll its Charlie Sheen.

When you can, be thankful to the sponsors too, some have tables at the event and others wandering around enjoying the madness, among them is Wild Eye Releasing, there’s not a horror fan who doesn’t know about their films and The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, among several others, and yes even me, so if you have a film needing some exposure or just review, if you see me, yell out Baron Craze. Otherwise let the madness reign down in a ferocious storm, in March the lines grew long, and the place had a massive attendance breaking and smashing previous records. Face it there’s Q&A, kept quiet until it’s the right time usually conducted by Chris Stiles, and they are wonderful, and free to attend with paid admission.

Just updated information concerning the film festival, that features both indie shorts and full-lengths running on all 3-days including one flick that occurs after the award show on Saturday which is the fan flick Friday the 13th: Vengeance. However, one shouldn’t miss Todd Sheets’ Clownado which is the close out film on Friday night from Wild Eye Releasing and speaking of them another of theirs is on Saturday afternoon called The VelociPastor, followed by Artik, clearly showing there’s so much to see and do once again at the mighty NJ Horror con, at the Showboat in Atlantic City. Are you ready to unleash your inner Monster? Remember to share your pictures!

Get your tickets here: http://www.newjerseyhorrorcon.com/tickets/

Or buy them at the door!