First, I should note I am a big fan of the Soulburner and have listened to their music for a while, and played their music on my podcast music show Sinister Death, but when presented with the opportunity to review a reissue of the first full length ‘Blessed By Fire’, I truly reevaluated them. One needs to note the album came out originally in 2008 as an independent release, and then in January 2019 as a reissue from the wickedly ferocious label Australis Records. The band hails from Chile, and delivers intense death metal however heavily layered with thrash shredding influences, that delivers mosh pounding brutality.

The album starts with great impact of the opening track entitled “Bloodshow” hitting the fans with an onslaught of musicianship and deep vocals, hungry to corrupt the unsuspecting, before continuing with the second song “Deadly Sin” ideal for today’s listeners with subtle changes in the tone and style, it’s just one riff playing rather than pitch changes. By the sixth song “Morbid Perversions”, clearly no letdown in the brutal path laid out of the Soulburner, as this song  presents an interesting and creative twist, using influence of classic Iron Maiden; rhythm latches onto and begins to truly grasp as if out Pinhead’s puzzle box. In fact it is clear by the latter half of ‘Blessed By Fire’ one knows of the solid display of passionate death metal, complete with guitar solos, which far exceeds the commonplace of monotone and tiresome growls.

Track Listing:

  • Bloodshow
  • Deadly Sin
  • Broken Mind
  • The Otherside of Reality
  • Uncontrol Rage
  • Morbid Pervertions
  • Sentenced from Beyond
  • A True Killer Story
  • Embrace Your Hate
  • Face to Face


Band Members:

  • Orlando Arevalo – Voice
  • Ignacio Albarrán – Guitar
  • Sebastián Silva – Drums
  • Claudio Leiva – Bass

One of the best aspects of the entire album is never letting up, a fully thrilling battering experience with well-crafted tracks, listeners will enjoy the production values and constant need to keep the album on the repeat loop function, thanks to Grand Sounds PR for assisting in sending a physical. However, the band gone on to produce two more releases, in 2014 and 2017; eventually I’ll review them, as I continue to listen to their death thrash music.

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5


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