So what’s happening, first thank you all for well wishes, and encouragement, and again thanks to the owners of The Horror Times, and M.A.D. Promotions for their continue support, no longer the pressure trying to get an issue out each month right on time, at least for now, that’ll change once everything is set-up for my father. It takes time working with V.A. doctors, and home improvements all for him. He’s a proud US Marine and I am equally proud to be his son, but you the readers enjoy what I offer each month for covering the horror genre.

I’m currently working on a 1926 house, trying to restore it to some of its former glory. I enjoy this house, it’s not a Victorian nor Tudor, but it’s seven years away from reaching 100, and we welcome the ghosts and spirits in our house. In fact, we have a spirit room, though those here, have the freedom to roam. I have obtained many items and reached out to them to share in our home. Perhaps I will discuss this spirit room in a later issue, if you the readers would like that.  Why do I mention this, because many that who tune to my podcast show Baron’s Crypt hear about the Collector’s Attic and Graveyard walks, how I’m contacted to clear out horror items in houses that some find full of evil, it’s the extension of Satanic Panic.

Speaking of the Podcast shows, this past month I suspended them all, because I have been back and forth to the hospital and then rehab for my father which became too much for me to do everything, but I keep the promotion work for filmmakers and musicians on-going, if you seek some very moderate low-cost options contact, every penny helps.

Meanwhile, more requests pour in for reviews of films, music, and books, always welcomed, it all gets slated into a workload. However, most notice its less than 45-days to Halloween and 22-days to the NJ Horror Con and Film Festival in Atlantic City, NJ which will be held at the Showboat Hotel, which I am one of the sponsors for it this year.

Until next month with even more horror goodies for you all to enjoy!


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief