Sick horror freaks CROPSY MANIAC hack and slash their way back to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new EP Carnage!


After making their memorable HPGD debut on the epic Four Paths To Horror Split, CROPSY MANIAC unleash 8 tracks of raw blood drenched Deathgrind, featuring members/ex-members of Blood Freak, Akatharta, Wombbath and Henry Kane.


A new breed of horror for fans of Blood Freak, Exhumed, Frightmare, General Surgery, Ghoul, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Haemorrhage, Impaled, Impetigo and Mortician.


Album track “The Devil’s Rain” is now streaming at:



The Devil’s Rain

The Carpenter


Blood Beach

The Beast Within


Without Warning


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions:


*Thanks to ClawHammer PR