Alright, as one likely figures we’re publishing about 15-days late this all due to factors far beyond my control, as stating I’m a caregiver, and my primary responsibility is to my 91-year old father, who is now beginning to have memory illness, recalling issues of his proud service in World War II, as a U.S. Marine in the islands surrounding Japan and other locations. But alas the ravages of life slashing into him and it is a difficult time to observe. He was rushed to the hospital late in July, and after 10-days transferred to a rehab facility, hence my traveling back and forth to the places took a toll, needless to state this issue of the times is fairly small. I hope to get back on schedule with our next issue planned for August 31, the reviews, articles and archives will all carry over to the next issue; however one review has an embargo for August 19. This also affected the podcast shows, although BlogTalkRadio had a server problem, knocking them offline for 5-days.

Now, onto the horror genre, as many know the movie The Hunt has been cancelled and the Baron’s Crypt Episode 236 documented this and the reasons for the hatred of the film, perhaps this will be an article, in a future issue of The Horror Times. We have a lot of planned with reviews pending, metal music, books and films covering every subgenre, then we have another television review, something much more recent, this section is a major hit with you, the readers.

in addition, the podcast shows, likely to stumble this month, but will return full force in September, with some other tricks and treats planned for later this year and into 2020.

Therefore, I want to like to thank you for the kind words and actions of support, for liking our Facebook page, and enjoying the YouTube page, with all that occurred this past month our next giveaway has been delayed, but will be returning soon so until then please enjoy Issue #22, fiends and friends.


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief