A Sci-fi Horror Comedy in the vein of Tremors, Aliens, and Critters!

Crave: Roots of Evil is an original sci-fi horror film brought to you by Remy St. Paul who successfully produced the films “Blood Sombrero” and “Midnight Devils”. Now, St. Paul is ready to make his masterpiece and plans to create the most epic sci-fi horror-comedy of all time.

Joining the cast is:

Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley, The Last Drive-in)

Billy Blair (Alita Battle Angel, Machete, Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell)

Jenn Stone (Blood Sombrero, Midnight Devils), Jamie Maxwell (Pot Zombies 2), Paula Marcenaro Solinger (Blood Sombrero, Midnight Devils), Abel Berry (Pot Zombies 2, Blood Sombrero) Locks Velvet, Sheri Davis, Noah “Shark” Robertson (Shower Sharks, Murderous Grapefruit), Benjamin Bachman.


Watch the Teaser Trailer here: