Jérôme Cohen-Olivar who wrote and directed this film that tries to mix together both the found footage and possession genres, but switches over to a narrative storytelling at the strangest times. It’s an ambitious project, but the limitations of budget wreaked havoc, and allowed for some plot holes, however that doesn’t mean discount the movie flat out rather it sports some positive aspects. Therefore, ignore your eye-roll Of God! another found footage catastrophe, the production actually occurred on location in Casablanca, Morocco, and leaves behind the community of abandon houses, jails, warehouse or urban legends in forests.

It starts with the basis of a found footage film, concerning a trio of friends who all work on their own YouTube show called “Permanent Residents”, that allows them to traverse the world. However they need to put themselves in more dangerous situations, and locations for both the ‘Likes’ and better financial rewards to keep the show pushing forward and achieve their own goals. Helen (Rebecca Ramon) who knows multiple languages and the leader of the group keeps many private, while Einar (Einar Kuusk) a serious sound guy and shares a bond with Helen, and then there’s Mark (Cody Heuer) a comical camera guy who only wants to make movies. First they’re on location in Brazil but while filming a child steals Helen’s phone, and it starts a wonderful chase with back alleys, giving the insight to the wretched homes of the poor, it all ends in a powerplay ensuing chase which is exhilarating and a strong way to open the movie. Soon the group is traveling to Casablanca, and heads to a building where they arrange to stay, first thought it’s something out of Hostel – wrong – a curious looking landlady (Rosine Young) answers the door with a thick accent, who advise them not to enter the basement. Quickly enough the group get themselves invited to a wedding by a local, who refers to himself as a tour-guide, now horror fans know things aren’t adding up smoothly but alas again it’s a rough script to manage through for the entertainment. This Moroccan wedding is unlike any other wedding, though in deeper spiritual meaning, is an unholy wedding, Helen gets taken by a demon, all while getting the team to watch the rhythmic dancing and in comes another person unseen but filming the scene, ruining the illusion of found footage. We, the audience learn that Helen has faced demons before, but now this possession is stronger, and for the second half one learns the reason for the demonic episode and the fate of the team.

One of the primary downsides to the film (there are a few), comes from trying to overcome some of the hurdles and the slow pace early in the movie, after a very action filled chase opening scene, everything slows down to the usual banter found in the road trip portions of found footage movies. It tightens up by the well filmed Satanic ceremony/marriage and then Helen’s impressive body covering of blood in the movie, however it’s missing more of a proper setup, nothing about Helen’s previous possession, just a quick mention.  In addition, once the illusion of the found footage is gone, just introduce better sound quality, audio and even music to aid in the telling of the story.

While the storyline stresses the trio immerses themselves into the culture of the cities or hotspots they venture to, it is more that Helen does that, while the two guys act solely as crew. However, it never actually appears that way aside from the strange invite to the ceremony, nevertheless the film lacks on leaving those details together in a straighter path for the audience to follow. Needless to say, the film had a previous uninteresting and perhaps dreadful title called “The Little Horror Movie” happy it was changed.


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IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/10