Feral’s ‘Flesh for Funerals Eternal’ marks their third full-length effort, once more proving their intensity starts as soon as one hits the play button, delivering unrelenting death metal, it’s not for the faint or weak, their style gives a vicious bite. The band doesn’t worry over the image, as this Swedish outfit knows that the fans of the genre will give them full respect and Transcending Obscurity Records supported and released the album on  December 30th, 2018. Just one follow-up note, make sure that you don’t confuse yourselves with the black metal band that also hails from Sweden under the same name.

Now while death metal pours through the album, there’s some unique variations, from the musicians, although nothing covers-up the aggressiveness of the vocals, and a hint of thrash escapes on many of the tracks. On “Of Gods No Longer Evoked.” incredible riffs excel at a feverish pace, while Roger Markström’s drumming keeps the aggressive method throughout the tracks, with a solo moment on “Accursed” (a track that gives a hint to a famous horror movie quote, which one, sadly not revealing that). Meanwhile a dueling guitar battle between Markus Lindahl and Sebastian Lejon rages magnificently on both “Bled Dry” and “Black Coven Secrets”, though this latter track does contain a bit of doom laden sounds.

Track Listing:

  • Vaults of Undead Horror
  • Black Coven Secrets
  • Gathering Their Bones
  • Dormant Disease
  • Of Gods No Longer Invoked
  • Accursed
  • Horrendous Sight
  • Stygian Void
  • Buried
  • Bled Dry


Band Members:

  • Viktor Klingstedt – Bass
  • Sebastian Lejon – Guiatrars
  • David Nilsson – Vocals
  • Markus Lindahl – Guitaris
  • Roger Markström – Drums

If you still crave the all-time favorites of Death, Obituary, and even Entombed then this latest creation from Feral definitely satisfies the urges. Face it, in the death metal genre there are imitators and then there are the must haves, this falls definitely into the latter category, especially since it contains a few Slayer-like riffs and moments on the with 10-track album.

Baron’s Rating: 4.0/5.0