Note: All Bolded RED Albums will likely be airing on Shredding Metal Beasts and Sinister Death

In 2019, noting that our shows have access to over 335 labels worldwide and continues to grow all for the dedicated fans.


June 7, 2019

Alase – Vastaus (Inverse)
Alberto Rigoni – Prog Injection (Self)
All Hell – The Witch’s Grail (Prosthetic)
Ascend The Hollow – Echoes Of Existence (Dr. Music)
Axel Rudi Pell – XXX Anniversary Live (SPV/Steamhammer)
Barbarian – To No God Shall I Kneel (Hells Headbangers)
Black Crucifixion – Lightless Violent Chaos (Seance)
Born Free – Born Free (Resist)
Buy Jupiter – Eclipse EP (Apathia)
Cave In – Final Transmission (Hydra Head)
Chernaa – Empyrean Fire (Noizr)
Coffins/Second To None – Nine Cocoons Of Dens To F Split EP (HPGD)
Combichrist – One Fire (Out Of Line)
Daemoni – Black Tyrant (Goathorned)
Death Hawks – Psychic Harmony (Svart)
Distant – Tyrannotophia (Unique Leader)
Diviner – Realms Of Time (Ulterium)

Donnie Vie – Beautiful Things (Deko)
Driving Slow Motion – Arda (Fail Safe Audio)
Drowse – Light Mirror (The Flenser)
Embrace Of Disharmony – De Rervm Natvra (My Kingdom)
Enthroned – Cold Black Suns (Season Of Mist)
Faerie Ring – The Clearing (King Volume)
Fetid – Sleeping Corporeal Mess (20 Buck Spin)
Flub – Flub (The Artisan Era)
Gravefields – Embrace The Void (Redefining Darkness)
Heart Of A Coward – The Disconnect (Arising Empire)
Hereza – Death Metal Drunks (Godz Ov War)
Humanart – (Further) Into The Depths (Dark Age Works)
The Hyss – Hound EP (Self)
Ian Blurton – Signals Through The Flame (Pajama Party)
Infernal Conjuration – Infernale Metallum Mortis (Iron Bonehead)
In Other Climes – Ruthless (Dead Serious)
Jess By The Lake – Under The Red Light Shine (Svart)
Kingdom – Rotting Carcass Arise Upon The Burial Mound (Godz Of War)
Majestica – Above The Sky (Nuclear Blast)
Misanthropic Rage – Towards The Greyscale Aphorysm (Godz Of War)
Mofsed – Rattenkrieg (Self)
Mors Subita – Human Waste Compression/Degeneration/Into The Pitch Black Re-Release (Out Of Line)
Motanka – Motanka (Napalm)
Motionless In White – Disguise (Roadrunner)
Mutilate – Contagium (Iron Bonehead)
Nebula – Holy Shit (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Nevalra – Conjure The Storm (M-Theory)

Pelican – Nighttime Stories (Southern Lord)
Python – Astrological Warfare (Ajna Offensive)
Roadsaw – Tinnitus The Night (Ripple)

The Rods – Brotherhood Of Metal (SPV/Steamhammer)
RST – RST (Utech)
Silver Devil – Paralyzed (Ozium)
Snogg – Chhinnamasta (Self)
Soulline – The Deep (Profane)
This Sun No More – In Circles (Sludgelord)
Turbocharged – Above Lords, Below Earth (GFY)
Underwing – Spirals EP (Pinecone)
Upon A Burning Body – Southern Hostility (Seek and Strike)
Vault Dweller – Existence At A Distance EP (HPGD)
Vingulmork – Avgrunn EP (Crime)
Violent Life Violent Death – Sadness Rains EP (Innerstrength)
Viviankrist – Cross Modulation (Diagonal)
Vulture – Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves (Metal Blade)
Warrior Soul – Rock n’ Roll Disease (Livewire/Cargo)
Wykan – Brigid: Of The Night EP (Self)

June 14, 2019

Apothecary/Crossburner/Uten Hap – Split EP (Self)
Asping – The Lion Of Piraeus (Annapurna)
Atlas Entity – Beneath The Cosmic Silence (Self)
Atlvs – Memoir EP (Self)
Avalanche – Interstellar Movement (Wooaaargh)
Baroness – Gold & Grey (Abraxan Hymns)
Beheaded – Only Death Can Save You (Agonia)
Berthold City – What Time Takes EP (War)
Blood Of Kingu – De Occulta Philosphia Re-Release (ATMF)
Bonfire – Live On Holy Ground: Wacken 2018 (Pride & Joy)
Chaos Magic – Furyborn (Frontiers)
Cold Black River – Tales Of Death And The Devil (Self)
Crom Dubh – Firebrands And Ashes (Van)
Damage S.F.P. – Damage S.F.P. (Rockshots)

Demir Demirkan – Elysium In Ashes (Self)
Enablers – Zones (Exile On Mainstream)
Hate – Auric Gates Of Veles (Metal Blade)
Hell Bent – Apocalyptic Lamentations (HPGD)
Ingested – The Call Of The Void EP (Unique Leader)

Jorn – Live On Death Road DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Karo – Heavy Birthday II & III (Pride & Joy)
Lost In Life – Beyond The Compass Of Human Understanding (Dead Serious)
Neal Morse – Jesus Christ The Exorcist (Frontiers)
Nocturne’s Mist – Marquis Of Hell (Seance)
Nucleus – Entity (Unspeakable Axe)
The Ocean Cure – Discover EP (Self)
Out Of Order – Facing The Ruins (Black Sunset)
Panzerfaust – The Suns Of Perdition I: War, Horrid War (Eisenwald)
Pinkish Black – Concept Unification (Relapse)
Power From Hell – Profound Evil Presence (High Roller)

Ragdoll Sunday – Migrant (Self)
Redbait – Cages EP (New Age)
Ripped To Shreds – Demon Scriptures EP (Pulverised)
Sadistic Ritual – Visionaire Of Death (Boris/Unspeakable Axe)
Sandness – Untamed (Rockshots)
Sarcofago – Crust EP Re-Release (Greyhaze)

Serpent Of Gnosis – As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation (1126)
Slomatics – Canyons (Black Bow)
Sweet Oblivion – Sweet Oblivion (Frontiers)
Tanzwut – Seemannsgarn (AFM)
Temple Koludra – Seven! Sirens! To A Lost Archetype (Transcending Obscurity)
Thank You Scientist – Terraformer (Evil Ink)
This Gift Is A Curse – A Throne Of Ash (Season Of Mist)
Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Return To Eden (Frontiers)
Winterwolf – Lycanthropic Metal Of Death (Svart)
Yawning Man – Macedonian Lines (Heavy Psych Sounds)


June 21, 2019

Aima – Tragos (Nuclear War Now!)
Awake At Last – The Change (Outerloop)
Berthold City – What Time Takes EP (War)
Blood Of Kingu – De Occulta Philosophia (ATMF)
Bokassa – Crimson Riders (MVKA)
Bury Me Alive – Unexpected Miseries (Dedication/Hopeless World)
Critical Mess – Man Made Machine Made Man (Metalville)
Defixion – Tabella Defixionis (Xtreem)
Def Leppard – Volume Two Box Set (UMe/Virgin)
Gygax – High Fantasy (Creator-Destructor)
Halls Of Oblivion – Endtime Poetry (Metalapolis)
Hex Machine – Cave Painting (Minimum Underdrive)
Hive – Night Cats (HPGD)
Holocausto Canibal – Assitonia Hertziana (Lusitanian)
The Hollywood Vampires – Rise (earMusic)
Howling Sycamore – Seven Pathways To Annihilation (Prosthetic)
Intothecrypt – Vakor (Ordo MCM)
Itheist – Itheist (Self)
Lunar Shadow – The Smokeless Fires (Cruz Del Sur)

The Meads Of Asphodel – Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing (Godreah)
Memoriam – Requiem For Mankind (Nuclear Blast)
Moonlight Haze – De Rerum Natura (Scarlet)
NervoChaos – Ablaze (Hammerheart)
Nitrate – Open Wide (AOR Heaven)
The Odious – Vesica Piscis (Self)
Organectomy – Existential Disconnect (Unique Leader)
Rainer Landfermann – Mein Wort In Deiner Dunkelheit (Self)
Ravensire – A Stone Engraved In Red (Cruz Del Sur)
Scythe Lore – Through The Mausoleums Of Man EP (Iron Bonehead)
Slough Feg – New Organon (Cruz Del Sur)

State Faults – Clairvoyant (No Sleep)
Superstition – The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation (20 Buck Spin)
Taiwan Housing Project – Sub-Language Trustees (Ever/Never)
Til All Is One – Vindicta (Self)
Valaraukar – Demonian Abyssal Visions (Iron Bonehead)
WLOTS – Sempre Piu (Deep Elm)

June 28, 2019

Ashbringer – Absolution (Prosthetic)
Axioma – Crown (Translation Loss)
Beastwars – IV (Destroy)
Beyond The Black – Heart Of The Hurricane: Black Edition (Napalm)
Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado (Everlasting Spew)
Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend (Out Of Line)
Bloody Hammers – The Summoning (Napalm)
Caspar Brotzmann Massaker – Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore Re-Release (Southern Lord)
Caspar Brotzmann Massaker – Koksofen Re-Release (Southern Lord)
Centrilia – In The Name Of Nothing (233)
Concrete Dream – Concrete Dream (E-Train)
The Convalescence – The Return (Legend)
Culloden – Witchpricker (Heathen Tribes)
Damim – A Fine Game Of Nil (Czar Of Crickets)
Denial Of God – The Shapeless Mass EP (Osmose/Hells Headbangers)
Doll Skin – Love Is Dead and We Killed Her (Hopeless)
Generation Axe – The Guitars That Destroyed The World (Live In China) (earMusic)
Hate Manifesto – Herald Of Triumph EP (Helter Skelter)
He Is Legend – White Bat (Spinefarm)
Heilung – Futha (Season Of Mist)
Holy Tide – Aquila (My Kingdom)
J.B.O. – Wer Lasst Die Sau Raus (AFM)
Kapala – Termination Apex EP (Dunkelheit)
Lifes – Treading Water (Triple Eye)
Majesty – Legends (Napalm)
Next Door To Heaven – V Ways To Accept (Sliptrick)
Pestis Inferos – Beyond The Veil Of Light EP (Self)
Scumripper – All Veins Blazing (Hells Headbangers)
The Take – The Take (Demons Run Amok)
Tar Pit – Tomb Of Doom (Ordo MCM)
Thenighttimeproject – Pale Season (Debemur Morti)

Those Darn Gnomes – Calling Whitetails To A Tuned Bow (Nefarious)
Turilli/Lione Rhapsody – Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution) (Nuclear Blast)
Turkey Vulture – Boxer EP (Self)
Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown – Truth and Lies (Snakefarm)
Tyrmfar – Renewal Through Purification (MTAF)
Victims – The Horse And Sparrow Theory (Relapse)
Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (Gilead)