Rituals introduces the listeners to the pure death metal the echoes with melodic methods, for a band housed out of Melbourne, Australia, releasing their EP of 4-songs on Sleeping Church Records. It’s quite clear their influences come from Scandinavian death metal and aided by well-known producer and musician Dan Swano, who worked with Asphyx, Dissection and Paganizer, that adds to the polish for the band. Rituals’ EP ‘Neoteric Commencements’ found its released properly on October 31, 2018, however this album gives way to incredible sections of musician showmanship, and therefore displays substance rather mere image.

This EP speeds through quickly as expected by leaving a lasting impression, something honestly already on heavy repeated for myself, aside the vocals in the common growl and snarl style the music backs Pierre. Leading the album off is “Wake of A Dead God’s Robe” with quick fade-in that clearly throttles the riffs and takes hold of the listener, a frenzy barrage of cymbal crashes keeps a relentless attack going without the slightest delay; feeding into “Drown Amongst Serpents” that feels so intense and thoroughly uncompromising in the delver. Third track “Slaves to the Tyrants” keeps the intensity pounding straight ahead and then final track “The Eighth Door” pushes the battle into a charge to win over any last holdouts of the listeners. In 16-minutes, one hears everything the need to all this band soon releases a full length album, as the production, smooth and thoroughly energic.

Track Listing:

Wake of a Dead God’s Robe
Drown Amongst Serpents
Slaves to the Tyrants
The Eighth Door

Band Members:

Pierre Francois-Bass, Vocals
Warren Vassalo-Drums
Jed Griffiths-Guitars
Joel Gray Patton-Guitars

Simply Rituals delivers an epic assault on the listeners, the aggressiveness that even takes the dare to slow down and allow for shredding and melodic metal moments to takeover, fret not the rawness shines through each track making it an absolute must listen.

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5

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