Syracuse Black Metal Trio PESTIS INFEROS Releasing Debut EP ‘Beyond The Veil of Light’ June 24

Syracuse (NY) – Brace yourselves for the ferocious debut EP from USBM trio PESTIS INFEROS. Beyond the Veil of Light will be released on June 24. The EP’s first single is streaming below.


“Invoking The Sigil” (promo video)

Beyond the Veil of Light contains five furious statements of blasphemous intent. The approach is relentless, the atmosphere fetid, and the attitude fueled by the fires below. PESTIS INFEROS give new meaning to “scorched earth,” as the audio violence on the band’s debut EP is intended to leave a lasting, albeit scarred, impression on those listeners brave enough to withstand the onslaught. No fixes, no edits. Pure fury and pain


“Beyond the hidden doors. We are Hell’s plague.”


Track Listing:

  • From Throne To Funeral
  • Within the Darkness, I Dwell
  • Invoking The Sigil
  • Fine Line Of Salvation
  • Poison Falling Star



Cover art by Nanda Dika

Key and Crown Artworks by Francesca Howard

Chalice art by Elizabeth Gafrancesco

Logo, layout & logos by Kimberly DuBois of Jane Doe Graphics


All music and lyrics by Pestis Inferos


Recorded live and risen from the black lungs of Hell in the year of the Lord 2019


  • Llord Diabolus – Bass, Invocations
  • The Pale Horse – Artillery, Voices
  • Svartherre – Guitar, Chants



One year ago in April drummer Pale Horse (Disfigured Dead/NilExistence) was looking to start another band, and reached out to people who might be interested. Among the parties was Llord Diabolus (ex Violent Fury/Infernal Thorn, Maantrix) who joked of starting a Darkthrone worship band. The two have known of another through shows in the past but never really talked too much. They met to jam and see if anything took root a week or so after the initial talk, and that day wrote the first track on the EP: “From Throne to Funeral”. The title for that song summoned up a lot of key musical fusing and the initial Darkthrone worship joke was spun into “more Dark Funeral than Throne!” After that day The Pale Horse contacted Svartherre (Disfigured Dead/NilExistence) who plays in NilExistence to join the new band. After that the group quickly composed the five tracks over the next months, and entered the studio to record live the debut EP entitled Beyond the Veil of Light.


*Thanks to Clawhammer PR