Well, another month has passed on, but the horror never stops, but much did occur, first slight delay in publishing, simply we had five embargoes on reviews from various marketing firms, and hence we take that very serious, therefore we honor those campaigns. We have more film reviews and hope to continue that trend going forward, its all about the planning stages as I operate The Baron Craze Radio Network, Vicious Promotion, and of course my MS Charity work (which is expanding in 2020).

Next, Testament of Horror (TOH) development, many readers enjoy our attempt to do a complete history of the horror genre, it’s no small task, and shall become an endless one, but I have a plan to fix the errors others made, and explore in depth the curious aspects of the horror gems. Therefore, this first year doing this project might contain speed bumps, and not as detail as would like, however, other sites incorporated a few sexist comments, which we work to avoid, but thanks for the encouragement.

Now, for the biggest issue facing both The Horror Times and The Baron Craze Radio Network, which destroyed the Upcoming Podcast segment, we have experienced nothing but increasing failure from platform site of BlogTalkRadio (BTR). The primarily issue we prefer to air LIVE and currently the shows air, but the BTR playing on the screen freezes and never airs the broadcast, but plays in playback mode, this defeats our personal interaction with those that chat with us or send us messages. This resulted in other issues, such as failure for guests to call-in to the show, delays in playing the music promptly, and unable to login into the system to air a scheduled show, leading us to cancel a guest and broadcasts. For example, Hard Rock Madness, Mysterious Void, Screamin’ Horror, The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors, and Synth Pathways all incurred issues to various degrees. Our solution, we are switching to a new platform, Spreaker in a week, and start rolling out shows, not we are going to try make it smooth, but we may face some stumbling-moments, as we learn the new system.

Our newest section, Television Horror, is without a doubt a massive hit with you great fans, I thought is might be interesting to review these lost treasures, however last month I chose Satan’s School for Girls (1973) and at the time of publishing this Editor’s Greeting its view count was over 4,900 unlike some sites this number doesn’t change when refreshing the page it’s a natural number. One thing truly significant about the view counts it’s my highest ever for a review (not an article).

Lastly, it is official I am sponsor of the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, this first is a bucket-list item, to be a supporter in print of an event I fully believe in, and Ryan Scott Weber, Robert Bruce, and their team deliver a wonderful event. Secondly on this matter, yes, I will still report on the con in objective manner, those think I can’t are sadly mistaken.

I think this my longest and most detailed Editor’s Greeting; however I use this a way to inform the Horror Fans and Supporters of everything that is occurring, therefore a sincere thanks to all the readers, enjoy the 20th issue of The Horror Times.


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief