Every fan of the black metal genre has their favorites from Emperor and Darkthrone to Dark Funeral, however this extreme genre exists of many subgenres and styles, Archgoat falls to that of war metal, they are very controversial with the album covers, song titles, and lyrics but each song bleeds rawness. For those unaware the band formed in 1989 by members Ritual Butcherer and Lod Angelslayer, and since then have been unleashing violent horror with no comprising or even a hint of remorse, especially after reforming in 2004. On September 14, 2018 they released The Luciferian Crown on Debemur Morti Productions label, unleashing hellish rampage on 10-tracks, though the opening is merely a 20-second introduction.

Archgoat always knows who they strive to become, themselves, no fakery, delivering pure aggression to their audience and fans, using an extreme  production, not one muddles the riffs, beats or vocals, each growl is clearly heard as well as the layered background voices. Not much changed since their last full-length album The Apocalyptic Triumphator (2015), an intense groove carrying throughout the tracks, the vocals matching the intensity of the music very well. One needs to note the only song aside from the intro that doesn’t kick in high right away is “Sorcery and Doom”, a slight mystic-ceremony starts, but the rage quickly replaces it. Both “Star of Darkness and Abyss” and “The Luciferian Crown (Venom Of God)” have clear influence from the legendary Bathory, and yet still original fresh, not tiresome, in any manner.

Jesus Christ Father of Lies
Jezebels Black Mass Orgy
Messiah of Pigs
Darkness has Returned
Sorcery and Doom
Star of Darkness and Abyss
The Obsidian Flame (From My Depths)
The Luciferian Crown (Venom Of God)
I Am Lucifer’s Temple


Band Members:

Lord Angelslayer – Bass, Vocals

Ritual Butcherer – Guitars

Diabolus Sylvarum – Keyboards

Goat Aggressor – Drums

Clearly if you’ve never listened to Archgoat, you are definitely missing some great black metal, with an album clocking in 35-minutes one could do a lot worse, each riff, and new drummer Goat Aggressor brings even more intensity to the music. Lastly the hellish orgy on the cover art created by Chris Moyen can’t be missed, who definitely understands both the music, as he he’s done over 245 artwork, covers, and logos, this time nails it once again. Needless to say this release likely pleases the long-time fans of Archgoat, and others in the black metal genre something new to worship if they aren’t already.

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