May 3, 2019

All Things Fallen – All Things Fallen (Self)
Amon Amarth – Berserker (Metal Blade)
Amygdala – Our Voices Will Soar Forever (Prosthetic)
Appalling – Inverted Realm (Redefining Darkness)
Asomvel – World Shaker (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Bastardizer – Dawn Of Domination (Evil Spell/Undercover)
Black Dawn – On Blackened Wings (Pavement)

Body Harvest – Parasitic Slavery (Comatose)
Clouds Taste Satanic – Evil Eye (Kinda Like)
Deiphago – I, The Devil (Hells Headbangers)
Deus Mortem – Kosmocide (Terratur)
Disparager – Existential Dread (Self)
Dizzy Mystics – Wanderlost (Self)
Dune Sea – Dune Sea (All Good Clean)
Event Horizon – Degeneration (Self)
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – End Of Suffering (International Death Cult)
Fury – Failed Entertainment (Run For Cover)
Huszar – Providencia (Morrowless)
Hyde – anti (Universal)
Isgalder – The Red Wanderer (Naturmacht)
Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest (Indie)
Kollaps – Mechanical Christ (Cold Spring)
Kull – Exile (Black Lion)
Kurokuma – Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands Vol. 1 EP (Off Me Nut)
Lamb Of God – Ashes Of The Wake: 15th Anniversary Edition (Legacy)
Lord Vicar – The Black Powder (The Church Within)
Mollo Rilla – Mollo Rilla (Seeing Red)
Mos Generator – Night Of The Lords (Devil’s Child)
Murdryck – Fodelsen (Leviaphonic/Growls From The Underground)
Myrath – Shehili (earMusic)
Not Enough – To L-ve EP (Famined)
Nuclear Revenge – Let The Tyrants Rise (Evil Spell)
Nyt Liv – Ensomhedens Kolde Kald (Indisciplinarian)
Origin – Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence (Agonia)
Osiah – Kingdom Of Lies (Unique Leader)
Pa Vesh En – Cryptic Rites Of Necromancy EP (Iron Bonehead)

Pectora – Untaken (Mighty)
Ringworm – Death Becomes My Voice (Relapse)
Rollerball – Lost In Space Re-Release (Volcano Vinyl)
Sick Gazelle – Odium (War Crime)
Silver Snakes – Death And The Moon (Evil Ink)
Sins Of The Damned – Striking The Bell Of Death (Shadow Kingdom)
Sleepspirit – Silhouettes & Whispers (Innerstrength)
Sol Sistere – Extinguished Cold Light (Hammerheart)
Sorgelig – Devoted To Nothingness EP (Iron Bonehead)
Stellar Master Elite – Hologram Temple (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)
Sxuperion – Endless Spiritual Embodiment (Bloody Mountain)
Thronehammer – Usurper Of The Oaken Throne (Church Within)
Verwustung – Gospel ov Fury (Handful Of Hate)

May 10, 2019

Abnormality – Sociopathic Constructs (Metal Blade)
Age Of The Wolf – Ouroboric Trances (Aural)
Albez Duz – Enigmatic Rites (Listenable)
Arch/Matheos – Winter Ethereal (Metal Blade)
Ars Moriendi – La Solitude Du Pieux Scélérat (Archaic Sound)
At Home In Hell – Self Identified Deity (Self)
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso – Transiberiana (InsideOut)
Bewitcher – Under The Witching Cross (Shadow Kingdom)
Big|Brave – A Gaze Among Them (Southern Lord)
BillyBio – Freedom’s Never Free EP (Bridge Nine)
Black Thunder – All My Scars (Club Inferno)
Borders – Purify (Long Branch)
Bright Curse – Time Of The Healer (Ripple)
Calamity – Kairos (Self)
Call Of The Void – Buried In Light (Translation Loss)
Curse Mackey – Instant Exorcism (Negative Gain)
Danny Worsnop – Shades Of Blue (Sumerian)
Defeater – Defeater (Epitaph)
Dreadnought – Emergence (Profound Lore)
Employed To Serve – Eternal Forward Motion (Spinefarm)
Extrema – Headbanging Forever (Rockshots)
Fixation – Into The Pain EP (War)
Handful Of Hate – Adversus (Aural)
Hands Of God – Blueprint For Self Destruction EP (Flatspot)
Idle Hands – Mana (Eisenwald)
Inanimate Existence – Clockwork (The Artisan Era)
Kingbeast – Straps Of Wrath (Black Sunset)
Martyrdod – Hexhammaren (Southern Lord)
Meliorist – Patterns (Self)
Mental Cruelty – Inferis (Unique Leader)
Mettadone – Rotten Flattery (Archaic Sound)
Monasterium – Church Of Bones (Nine)
Nibiru – Salbrox (Ritual)
Old Night – A Fracture In The Human Soul (Rain Without End)
The Omnific – The Mind’s Eye EP (Self)
Possessed – Revelations Of Oblivion (Nuclear Blast)
Pulver – Kings Under The Sand (Gates Of Hell)
Rama – Everything Is One (Brigante)
Saver – The First Step In Leaving (Self)
Son Of The Mourning – Eulogy EP (Engineer)
Spirit Adrift – Divided By Darkness (20 Buck Spin)
Stander – The Slow Bark (Self)
Suhnopfer – Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes (Debemur Morti)
Swamp Witch – Dead Rituals (Transylvanian Tapes)
Temple Of The Stars – Nightspirit (Inverse)
Tir – Metal Shock (Gates Of Hell)
The Unbroken – Human Crown EP (Self)
Voldt – Voken EP (Self)
Vultures Vengeance – The Knightlore (Gates Of Hell)
War Curse – Eradication (Svart)
Warforged – I: Voice (The Artisan Era)
Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood (Frontiers)
Zaum – Divination (Listenable)
Zig Zags – They’ll Never Take Us Alive (RidingEasy)

May 17, 2019

1349 – Massive Cauldron Of Chaos Vinyl Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Albanach ar Dheis/Nihtwintre – Split EP (Epicurus)
American Sharks – 11:11 (The End)
Amulet – The Inevitable War (Dissonance)
Aseethe – Throes (Thrill Jockey)
Avatar – The King Live In Paris (eOne)
Big Big Train – Grand Tour (Self)
Black Label Society – Sonic Brew: 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99 – 5.19 (eOne)
Calyx – Vientos Arcaicos (Iron Bonehead)
Depraved Murder – Manifestation (Comatose)
Dogface – From The End To The Beginning (ScandiRock)
Dommengang – No Keys (Thrill Jockey)
Doombanomicon – Doombanomicon (Black Doomba)
Duel – Valley Of Shadows (HPS)
Entombed – Clandestine – Live (Threeman)
Entrapment – Imminent Violent Death (Dawnbreed)
Eye Of The Destroyer – Baptized In Pain (High Potency)
Famous Last Words – Arizona EP (SBG)
Floating Worlds – Battleship Oceania (Pride & Joy)
Fractures & Outlines – Defenseless (Self)
Full Of Hell – Weeping Choir (Relapse)
Genetics – Cynosure (Self)

Glassing – Spotted Horse (Brutal Panda)
Haunt – If Icarus Could Fly (Shadow Kingdom)
Heathe – On The Tombstones, The Symbols Engraved (Wolves and Vibrancy)
Hot Suede – Hot Suede (Self)
Katatonia – Night Is The New Day Re-Release (Peaceville)
Lo-Pan – Subtle (Aqualamb)
Mystik – Mystik (I Hate)
Nale – Ghost Road Blues Re-Release (Black Lodge)
Necrosexual – The Gory Hole Overture In F# (Self)
October Tide – In Splendor Below (Agonia)
Order 1968 – Tears In The Snow Re-Release (Annapurna)
Oreida – Oreida (Harvest Of Death)
Paladin – Ascension (Prosthetic)
Paul Gilbert – Behold Electric Guitar (Music Theories)
Psychotool – Rotten Paradise (Black Sunset)
Pythia – The Solace Of Ancient Earth (Golden Axe)
Rammstein – TBA (Universal)
Riot City – Burn The Night (No Remorse)
Rosetta Stone – Seems Like Forever (Cleopatra)
Saint Vitus – Saint Vitus (Season Of Mist)
Ungoliantha – The Howl In The Waste EP (Self)
Vale Of Pnath – Accursed EP (Willowtip)
Various Artists – Doombanomicon (Black Doomba)
Voemmr – O Ovnh Intot Adr Mordrb (Harvest Of Death)
We Burn Bridges – Head Prison EP (Self)
Worshipper – Light In The Wire (Tee Pee)

May 24, 2019

Abrahma – In Time For The Last Rays Of Light (Small Stone)
Armagedda – Ond Spiritism Re-Release (Nordvis)
Atala – The Bearer Of Light (Salt Of The Earth)
Dark Numbers – If It Was It Would Be (Nadine)
Délétère – Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum (Sepulchral)
Destrage – The Chosen One (Metal Blade)
Det Eviga Leendet – Lenience Re-Release (Amor Fati)
Diamond Head – The Coffin Train (Silver Lining)
Earth – Cats On The Briar (Sargent House)
Emil Bulls – Mix Tape (AFM)
Enchantya – On Light And Wrath (Inverse)
Epectase – Astres (I, Voidhanger)
Esoctrilihum – The Telluric Ashes Of The Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods (I, Voidhanger)

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Veleno (Nuclear Blast)
Goregang – Neon Graves (Transcending Obscurity)
Indian Nightmare – By Ancient Force (High Roller)
Irata – Tower (Small Stone)

Jesus Chrusler Supercar – Lucifer (Dr. Music)
Kneel – Interstice (Pulmonary)
Lvcifyre – Sacrament (Dark Descent)
Lykantropi – Spirituosa (Lightning)
Lord Gore – The Resickened Orgy (HPGD)
My Dying Bride – A Harvest Of Dread Book/Box Set (Peaceville)
Neckbeard Deathcamp – So Much For The Tolerant Left (Prosthetic)
Nihility – Thus Spoke The Antichrist (Black Lion)
Nocturnus AD – Paradox (Profound Lore)
Of Virtue – What Defines You (SharpTone)
Onkos – Onkos (I, Voidhanger)
Ontborg – Within The Depths Of Oblivion (Self)
Pestilent – Chapters Of Depravity (Blood Harvest)
The Progerians – Crush The Wise Men Who Refuse To Submit (Mottow Soundz)
Reckless Manslaughter – Caverns Of Perdition (FDA)
Rendezvous Point – Universal Chaos (Long Branch)
Salem’s Bend – Spacecluster (Ripple)
Samsara – Reap What You Sow EP (Innerstrength)
Scardust – Sands Of Time Re-Release (M-Theory)
Sinners Bleed – Absolution (War Anthem)
Sol Sistere – Extinguished Cold Light (Hammerheart)
Soto – Origami (InsideOut)
Stormlord – Far (Scarlet)
The Sweet Things – In Borrowed Shoes, On Borrowed Time (Wendigo/Spaghetty Town)
Tanith – In Another Time (Metal Blade)
Thonian Horde – Downfall (Grimoire)
Ulvedharr – World Of Chaos (Scarlet)
Vale – Burden Of Sight (The Flenser)
Valley Of The Sun – Old Gods (Fuzzorama)
Widower – Cataclysmic Sorcery (Black Market Metal)
X-Romance – Voices From The Past (AOR Heaven)

May 31, 2019

1914 – The Blind Leading The Blind Re-Release (Napalm)
Adrift – Pure (Temple Of Tortuous)
Alcotopia – It Hits The Spot (Narcoleptia)
Black Mold – Tales Of Degradation (Helldprod)
Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend (Out Of Line)
Constantine – Aftermath (Rockshots)
Crestfallen Queen – Queen Of Swords (Church Within)
Dagger Threat – Gestaltzerfall (Beatdown Hardwear)
Daniel Tompkins – Castles (Kscope)
Dark Intrance – Emerged From The Dark (Sliptrick)
Darkthrone – Old Star (Peaceville)
Death Angel – Humanicide (Nuclear Blast)
Domgard – Rot (Carnal)
Duff McKagan – Tenderness (Universal)
Fulci – Tropical Sun (Time To Kill)
Funeral Storm – Arcane Mysteries (Hells Headbangers)
Gaahl’s Wyrd – Gastir – Ghosts Invited (Season Of Mist)
Gloryhammer – Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex (Napalm)
Hellish Grave – Hell No Longer Waits (Helldprod)
Hidden Lapse – Butterflies (Rockshots)
Kaleidobolt – Bitter (Svart)
K.F.R. – Demonologue (Purity Through Fire)
K.F.R. – L’Enfer A Sa Source (Purity Through Fire)
King Hobo – Mauga (Weathermaker)
Krypts – Cadaver Circulation (Dark Descent)
Leathurbitch – Into The Night (High Roller)

Malum – Legion (Purity Through Fire)
Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts – Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts (MMRecordingworks)
Nattfog – Pohjan Porteilta (Purity Through Fire)
Nth Ascension – Stranger Than Fiction (Metatronic)
Pale Misery – Black Candles And Gutter Scum (Self)
Pound – ** (Silent Pendulum)
Pretty Wild – Interstate 13 (Black Lodge)
Royal Republic – Club Majesty (Nuclear Blast)
Rykers – The Beginning… (BDHW)
Sacred Sin – Eye M God Re-Release (Lusitanian)
Svet Kant – The Visage Unbiased (Wormholedeath)
Texas Hippie Coalition – High In The Saddle (eOne)
Thrash La Reine – La Foi, La Loi, La Croix (Self)
Toxpack – Kampfer (Napalm)
Ubergang – Evolution (Demons Run Amok)
Unimagined – Friendless EP (Standby)
Vader – Thy Messenger EP (Nuclear Blast)
Vananidr – Road North (Purity Through Fire)
Venom – In Nomine Satanas 40th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set (BMG)
Vortex Of End – Ardens Fvror (Osmose)