Seth Breedlove, the 2017 Cryptozoologist of the Year, and his company Small Town Monsters, takes on a much larger approach to their subject material with a series consisting of six half-hour episodes, entitled On The Trail Of Bigfoot. This outing has Seth working both in front and behind the camera, while also wearing numerous other hats such as director, writer, camera operator and narrator, while crisscrossing through multiple states and environments, all to track and hopefully find true evidence of the Bigfoot creature or beast during 2018. This film is definitely more for the followers of cryptozoology than merely the horror fans which enjoy monster flicks about Yetis, Sasquatches and Bigfoot.

If you’re not an enthusiastic viewer of documentary investigations of phenomenon such as searching for or discovering new aspects on the topic of Bigfoot, you then have the option of viewing just a few episodes at a time. The first two segments, informs the viewers of some important background information, although it does help if the audience knows something about the Bigfoot past the creature features, one learns about its impact through American history and how the sightings and descriptions varied depending the geographical area. The series tries to stay on point that the creature is actually flesh and bone and not some of the more stranger ideas. Some of these theories include the creatures entering and exiting through a mysterious time loop portal, hard not to laugh at some the wilder stories. What becomes quite apparent early and throughout the series centers on Seth’s ability to focus on the investigative aspects namely folklore and news reports which show the changes to the stories depending on the stories, including one surrounding the Ape Country incident.

Surprisingly the productions values go beyond the meager budget of $5,000, showing all involved have passion for the project and sincere intentions to their individuals and group convictions. Seth and his crew, travels through the backwoods of forests of the Carolinas, the dangerous swamps of Arkansas, parts of Oklahoma, as well as cross section of Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Another selling point for the DVD, is that its two-discs the first is On The Trail Of Bigfoot: The Legend and the second one is about the Search, it actually does not matter which disc you choose to watch first they both contain curious material to enjoy.

One cannot be promised or guaranteed if this series will make a believer of the viewers but it at least it gives some strong points especially showing how many states have their own version of the Bigfoot. However, likely most probably remain skeptics until actual remains are found and analyzed, that expedition most promising led Seth for the ultimate discovery.

IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

Baron’s Rating: 6.0/10