Yeah, 12-days late, working to solve this problem I keep running into, however the duties of caregiver (times 3) never allow that pressure to relax, anyone ever gone through it, can attest to the problems and issues, not to mention stress and limited time, but I still continue to strive forward to produce more podcast shows and more reviews. Therefore, thanks once more to the loyal readers who enjoy The Horror Times, and those filmmakers contacting me for reviews it’s on the buffet table to finish before the year ends, and all gets heavily promoted.

In this month issue, we have an anniversary film, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) reviewed and discussed, in addition the news and press releases piling up fast, over 25 for Horror and 20 for Metal Music, so much going on in the world of horror, and there comes the fans once more, offering suggestions for other areas of coverage, we taken them under advisement and explore them in the chambers and crypts. Thanks for the encouragement on Testament of Horror our version of Horror History, it’s a slow process aiming to be much better in 2020, but we need to set the pieces in places first. The hit for us has been the love affair with Television Horror, and we’ll continue that new segment in each new issue.

As for podcasts found on the Baron Craze Radio Network, that did much better in getting the shows on track and performing better, not perfect but better than before, which helps the listeners. This month we are adding a new show, one we’ve been working on for quite some time, entitled Synth Pathways, which you guess it contains synthwave music as well as darkwave, or for some horror-wave; that marks our 8th-created show and likely the last one. This one will broadcast once a month, just like Mysterious Void, Screamin’ Horror, and The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors shows.


See you all again next month and thanks for the support.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief