Wow, I know we’re late once again, however, I look back to last year’s 2018 March Issue, and guess what it was late too, and very few reviews, and it appears that way once more, but why, well a simple sit-down on a round table shows the reason. All the effort I put in for a successful MS fundraiser, once more exceeding our goals, for raising money in 6-hrs tally over $3400, the pre-planning, meeting with various people to round volunteers, takes enormous amount of time, and it effects podcast shows and time to properly write, but I’m not going to abandon the fundraiser, which I’ve done for 6-years. Now factor in the preparation for the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival that was at the end of March which I love doing and am dedicated to the horror genre and fans. One thing that did occur out of my scope my earthly father had a minor medical situation and that caused a few days of downtime and my girl also had a MS related problem a lost week there too. I’m not making excuses but for some reason the wheels come off in the month of March. I’m a triple caregiver, work on many projects, promotions, but it all becomes far too great to please every side.

Having stated that, Shredding Metal Beasts and Sinister Death our premiere music shows returning later this month in April, as is Mysterious Void and Hard Rock Madness, of course Baron’s Crypt coming back, and playing both LIVE interviews and recorded Q&A panels. Then we have a new surprise on the horizon, that music  and horror fans liking to thoroughly enjoy, but that needs a few more months (sorry legal reasons).

In addition, this issue includes my coverage of the NJ Horror Con and Film Festival #5, in vast detail, numerous pictures, a few reviews, press releases otherwise it’s a small issue, but we have a lot larger issues returning in April and throughout the year, some terrific articles that owner of The Horror Times, wants to see as well as few more interesting surprises. Thank you all for your continue support.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief