The Prey (1984) finally achieves a proper release!

Arrow Video announced that a brand new, extras-laden 2-disc Blu-ray restoration of the film (from the original, long-lost camera negative – including both the original US theatrical cut, and the much-celebrated extended “Gypsy Cut” – will be released later in 2019.

The Prey is a 1984 American horror feature film directed by Edwin Scott Brown from a screenplay written with his spouse Summer Brown (the latter also produced). It was very briefly released to cinemas on November 2, 1984 by New World Pictures when the company had been sold by Roger Corman.


The Prey was shot in 1978, but didn’t see a release until 1984 when New World Pictures finally picked it up.


Debbie Thureson

Steve Bond

Lori Lethin

Robert Wald

Gayle Gannes

Philip Wenckus

Jackson Bostwick

Jackie Coogan


  • It’s not human, and it’s got an axe!