Well, the horror genre is grinding merrily along just a chainsaw wielding mania, and yes we are well overdue with this month’s issue, and since you all know I’m a straight-shooter here’s the reason. Many known I work with others to design a fundraiser each year to raise money for the MSAA (Multiple Sclerosis Association of America ) and this year, there were more bureaucratic hoops to jump through, tons of meetings to work with others to round a large group volunteers, and hence it screwed up getting the reviews done and even doing all the podcast shows. Anyone who needs to work on a project giving it 100% focus, knows that constant interruptions take away for the most effective work possible, hence the cutting back of reviews. Now if that upsets some, sincere apologies, however to me, it’s important to give unto others, helping them combat this terrible disease I know someone close to me suffering this and if sacrificing a little for them it’s well worth it. Fret not, we have larger issues coming throughout the year, but February likely to become the month of a smaller issue and less podcast shows. I always tried to give more than anyone else, do so much for the genres of Horror and Metal.

Enclosed in this issue our customary NJ Horror Promo article for the 5th time and the March new film releases and 25 Film Press Releases.

Let’s discuss the Upcoming Podcast segment, while its not running at 100%, it is working, and slowly getting better, often I survey the month, try to pinpoint the days for the shows and think that works. Alas, it’s not always the case, life infers, one thing many ask for is advance show playlists, sounds simple and while I do that, sometimes a show is pulled for a tribute one. Tributes for the passing of an artist or when there’s been a terror attack, we try to do something to represent that country. However, for those who know my style I always give over 100%. This also affected by the excessive planning of the outdoor event for MS, the weather holding well, a back up date ready, as this was published one day after the actual event we had 45 volunteers donating at least 1-hr of their time to help in the event.

See you next month with more reviews and the full report on the NJ Horror Con.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief