As many know, I am a huge fan of this film, a loyal follower since the film Terrifier first appeared at a film festival back in 2010, and the oodles of merchandise continues to grow. For those still without this gorefest horror film in their collection, it’s available for purchase from

Let’s review some of the items:

From :

Turntable Slipmat

Aside from the T-shirt and Hoodies, an Art the Clown mug exists at a cost $20 and for the vinyl fans a Turntable Slip mat also at $20, which I have both. Then there are pins, patches, a phone case was available since sold out. Next up, under the banner of Terrifier another mug “Man of the Hour” and also available in Turntable Slip mat both available for $20 each. Staying on the theme of Man of the Hour, an 18” x 24” poster Limited Edition of 250 from artist Sam Coyne, along with numerous t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters all sold out, including a limited edition mug “Hours of Terror/ Till Death Do Us Part”, these were of special sale held on February 8th.

But wait there’s more for you juggling your expense…

Did you purchase the soundtrack? It’s still available from A score composed and performed by Paul Wiley, that comes with a digital download of the album too all for the cost of $25. The track listing found here:

Terrifier Theme
In Pieces
Murder #1
Clown Car
Kill Horn
Terror Tunnel
Terrifier (Alt Version)
Death Pulse
Plastic Kill
Needle Chair
Stabbed In Back
Dead Art


As we continue our journey through the Terrifier and Art the Clown universe, one knows they made an impact when a company called Trick or Treat Studios gets involve, announce late last year that Art would have his likeness added to their massive mask collection, for the cost $60. The pictures show the detail, from the eyes to the maddening grin.

In addition, they offer an air fresher, another pin and the full costume which might not fit all individuals (such as 3x or tall).


Both Ebay and Etsy have the obsession with Art; too.

For example, on ebay BadKittyMagnets has a 3 x 4” Terrifier Magnet of the Movie Poster for $6 and there’s others with similar products, and as for Etsy numerous offering including Terrifier Art the Clown 2016 Kitchen Knife from DeadDaveDesigns, featuring a real kitchen knife with Art the Clown face on one side and the Terrifier title card on the other for the cost of $25 – this is very cool!

Lastly, both David Howard Thornton and Damien Leone are doing signings at various conventions, including the NJ Horror Con and Film Festival in Atlantic City at the Showboat from March 29 to 31st.