I often download a zombie game app, but this time a friend asked me for a little help, his son, enjoys Scooby-Doo, which I grew up with the animated pooch, watching the original series and he saw the free game involving this character. The simple question is it age appropriate and safe for young children? This is not the first time I’ve been asked to review something for a friend with children, and likely not the last, I find it a fun task.

The game is to join the Mystery Machine team, Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Fred in solving a series of mysteries, through puzzles. The clues are found in cluttered scenes outdoors and inside, daylight and limited lighting, secret doors, rooms and latches, each main level contains 15 stages. The stages have time settings, and if you get 3 stars it unlocks a Scooby snack bonus which is used to buy customers to rack up more points and other task as well. Best of all, the instructions are simple as well as building traps to catch and unmask the villains, which all works to keep a child entertained and While the player may not successful and beat a level, they’ll never run out of lives, remember this is a game for young children, death is not an option, rather encouragement to try again, throughout 40 or more levels.

The was game developed by WB (Warner Brothers) and using the Hanna-Barbera trademarks and copyrights of Scooby-Doo all one needs is access to a Wi-Fi network and about 5-minutes to download the game. A clean product, perfect for children, and of course the adults into playing games that they can share in bonding with their children; and it works with all platforms and in 12 different languages.

Therefore, a fun filled recommendation for parents seeking to keep their children innocent a tad longer, and no finer way than with the classic loving doggie called Scooby Doo. The fan clubs for this pooch grow every year, and the products vastly fun and detail, even I still have a few prized items, which harken back to the lost day of childhood, and this game an enjoyable time-waster.