The first month of 2019 finishes out strongly and matched by a solid start, in the theaters the startling launching exceeding expectations Escape Room, and then there’s the upcoming St. Agatha and The Amityville Murders reviews, both of these on hold until February 8th, due to Marketing PR I’m doing for the projects. Yes, I do promotion for films, bands and different enterprises in the horror genre, if your interested contact me. A series of questions coming from some of the readers, Baron do you write for other sites too? Yes it’s true I do pen articles for and The Digital Dead, a few others too, but The Horror Times always from first.

So what’s in this newest issue of The Horror Times, well, many great things, our return of the Anniversary Article of a film celebrating a major milestone, and noting the impact of actor Joe Spinell as our Horror Icon. Plenty of reviews, increasing on the trend, and growing support of Testament of Horror (our version of Horror History). In addition, our section Television Horror expanding its scope instead of just using to review complete horror series or their individual seasons, we start reviewing TV Movies or Made for TV Movies, those commonly found on SyFy or Chiller platforms, truly originated long before then, think back to the 1970s. Then our Comic Book, Book, and Soundtrack Reviews all returning for the new year as well as Other Worldly Cinema (psychological thrillers and mysteries) and interviews too. Yes, it’s a bold move to provide more for the growing fans of The Horror Times; however more surprises await you in the new year. Yes, we’ve also included Remembrance of the Dead.

Our Upcoming Podcast section, show signs of improvement and contains a change, for 5 years we broadcast from BlogTalkRadio (BTR), this February we are switching over a new site of Spreaker, it will take us a few days to switch properly over, so we are keeping BTR alive for the next month, in the process one show slipped through the cracks in January, but fixed going into February, that was The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors.



Baron Craze
Horror Historian and Editor in Chief