Well time to close out  first full year of The Horror Times, some trying times, setbacks, but the encouragement of the readers and followers, has one ready to strive forward, I ways try to attempt the glorious path and sometimes overreaching my capabilities but that’s what makes one a mad scientist. Certain things didn’t work out as we tried them, and others need more work, but this passing of 2018 we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein.

For example, the Testament of Horror, (the Horror History) many sites try this and either do it so-so or the films released on a certain date were never right, using wrong information, and often it becomes a quickly discontinued item, never spoken of again. Well, after some time and consideration, The Horror Times will present its own form, now granted it the information is likely to change and become fuller over time and we’ve discussed other caveats that’ll be included eventually.

One finds writing in December harder than that of October, as pulled in the directions of all or multiple day visits to family homes, and hence full days lost. However, we decided the December to be smaller and grouping of a few different things. In our January issue expect many treasured items. In addition, our Podcast Segment has faltered a bit but give us the time to right the ghost ship.

Thanks for the readers, all the wonderful tweets, comments and encouragements, it’s all greatly appreciated.

Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief