As writers, authors, journalists, and everyone in horror, the common themed questions are the top 10 in horror films, books, and albums, however often overlooked, in fact I’ve never read on any site (could’ve overlooked) the top horror related websites. Throughout the year 2018 I ordered from different sites, checking their shipping and handling methods, this practice was actually hatched from Baron’s Crypt – Collectors Attic, where I take the time to verify a site, making sure they serve the fans very well.

Waxwork Records

This past year I did the subscription and compared to the previous year which I wasn’t a subscriber, the cost a tad high at $250, however one does get many things with that, and doesn’t need to worry if a popular item sells out fast, namely Dawn of the Dead (1978). The site itself does an excellent job in communicating / answering emails and posts on Facebook, and the one of the best in shipping practices. The artwork of the albums always first-rate, creative and interest, as well as the sound of the music.



Fright Rags

Horror fans, always like to wear with pride their love of their favorite films, once again, prompt delivery, and quality material. Another plus, for those individuals needing a larger size, Fright Rags does not increase the pricing for a 3x to 5x, hence another worthwhile reason provided for the fans. In addition, they encourage the fan base to contact them about ideas concerning future shirts and further encourage them to request reprints, which is exactly what happened with the extremely popular Krampus tee this past December.



Spirit Halloween

I can’t think of any horror fan or Halloween fanatic that has not heard of this legendary store, which is now owned by Spencer’s, contains many horror merchandise license lines, namely very cool sound effect lights for Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street as well as, a Michael Myers door greeter, lights and numerous Ghostbusters, Nightmare Before Christmas, and the celebration of Hocus Pocus. I shopped in their brick and mortar stores picking up various items, the employees for the most part are very polite and enthusiastic about the season and product lines. As for online shopping, items came well packaged, and questions answered quickly.




Mezco is a figurine collectible company for those unaware, they range in size of 7-inches to 18-inches, and costs tally from $20 to $300, among their standouts Hellraiser, Annabelle, and Jason Voorhees. In fact, their newest division called “One: 12 Collective” consists of the recently released Michael Myers, Ash from Evil Dead 2 and the highly anticipated Jason Voorhees from Friday the  13th Part 3, expected in March of 2019, in addition, in September 2019, A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger for the cost of $80. Often their products allow a fan to do a non-refundable deposit of $20.00 with a remainder due on delivery, if paying by credit card, however if choosing pay-pal the full amount upfront. Lastly they are known for releasing Living Dead Dolls, namely The Nun, Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Regan along with the sold out pre-order version of Deluxe Edition Friday the 13th Part II: Jason Voorhees regardless the detail on the figurines is incredible and the artwork on the boxes equally impressive. Remember never remove from the box, unless you purchase two of them.



Shout Factory (Scream Factory)

Some complain about the duplicate covers of the DVDs/Blu-rays, but this company unleashes great quality Blu-rays, with vast detailed extras and the additional slick posters and occasional steelbooks with lithographs. Regardless, this year they encountered some issue with getting pre-orders shipped correctly, and where issues occurred they politely solved them. Some of the newest features they begun doing the 8-inch figurine with wonderful detail such as Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 featuring the character ‘Ricky ‘and Night of the Demons (1988) with Angela.



Diaboik DVD

Another fascinating site to find the less than common horror, thriller, and genre crossover films , founded by one of the individuals associated with Exhumed Films, Jesse Nelson. They truly specialize in many demented films, worldwide, hence always careful when ordering as the carry multiple region films, though if one owns a Blu-ray player with ability to play any region then no problems. It’s rare if they ever have a problem, and yet open to answering questions in a timely fashion. The site also has flash sales such as in October 2018 one for Arrow Video and MVD films, if you missed it, shame, fret not more likely in the future. They even contain a section for LE (Limited Edition) for all disturbed, macabre or unusual films, for example, Boogeyman Saga.



Vinegar Syndrome

Well speaking of unusual films and movies, one must not  overlook Vinegar , they mostly definitely understand the terms grimy and seedy films, often releasing strange movies, or lost treasures with box art covers often different from the actual movie. Classics of Splatter University to Cutting Class (which starred Brad Pitt) to likely movies only the most dedicated in horror ever knew about, often the films present in a limited edition basis when concerning the artwork. One of the best improvements they made since last year, involved their shipping practices, they would only allow a customer to pre-order films one at a time, paying for shipping on each, but they successfully correct those issues.



Severin Films

Before leaving the macabre and disturbing films one must visit the website that often put together wonderful bundle packages, sometimes there’re expensive but if you look at all great items include the merchandise outweighs the price.  One nice thing about their site is that released more than just the films Blu-rays and DVDs, from beach balls to signed posters, pins, t-shirts and plush dolls. Their packaging and shipping methods first rate, everything ships very nicely and if something not included they explain in a note.



Scream Team Releasing

Lastly, a new company on the scene catering for the newer filmmakers, especially those of the independent market that use crowdfunding resources to create their masterpieces, by handling the merchandising of The Barn, The Sleeper, and I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday, among many others. In fact for the month of December 2018, a special funding collecting went to filmmaker Billy Pon’s Cancer Fund, he’s the creator of Circus of the Dead, they do a fine job in shipping the products, no damage and heavily engaged with the fan base via all social media platforms.


That concludes our rundown for sites of 2018, that treat the fans of horror decently, properly and truly deliver excellent products.