Well its another month and we missed the deadline, however thanks to a new person, setting things up, in the background, it’s much better, instead of 10-day overdue, we are now 6 days, now ideally we would like to publish closer to the 25th, but it presents problems from holidays and fundraisers I do for charities. Therefore, we’ll assess this in the future.

As what to expect in this issue, well back in 2014 when writing for Rogue Cinema, I penned a 5,000 word article on Surviving the Holidays a 31-day viewing guide to horror movies, over the years this listing was sent out others for their personal viewing pleasures, however after 4-years it became stale, the writing changed and so did more of an avalanche of films. I went back to update the listing, presenting it as Surviving the Holidays Parts 1 and Part 2, now why the split because it tallies over 9,900 words and now with links to achieve and new reviews, film trailers and in some cases short films presented on this site. Therefore part 1 runs December 1st to 15th and Part 2 the rest of the month, these articles will remain up on Monthly Page for both November and December, as more archive reviews to present in December’s issue.

In addition, we are temporary removing the Crowdfunding and Remembrance and restarting them respectively in January as well the Testament of Horror a feature on the Baron’s Crypt, speaking of the Crypt the show lately not been on-air, it’s not gone, just dormant as we make changes coming back on Fridays in December, and try to free myself of working Fridays on another job, this also effected The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors it will be returning in January 2019. As for other podcast shows, they are becoming better posts and performing with very good ratings, THANKS!

We also pushed the deadline, as we had outstanding interviews from filmmakers and bands which didn’t returned on time, we got the customary “yeah working on it” but that materialized and we strive to get new ones in the upcoming months.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief