Editor’s Greeting


Well the start of year 2 here at The Horror Times, comes of course in October, and while late on delivery, best to give the great entertainment. Now others gave me the moniker “Horror Historian” rather than Horror Aficionado and asking questions of the classics evolution or even compare the modern horror genre, the of course lead to me getting the position of editor, and restate once more, I don’t own the site. Therefore, while the posting once a month, continues to work and you the fans of horror thoroughly like thanks for the great feedback, we need to always strive to improve certain things. In addition, noting that I don’t own the site, the upper management installed a coordinator so that we get a timelier issue to you the fans, as the intention to get the issue out closer to 20th of the month than to current status.

Hence, you’ll notice under the Horror News Title, the inclusion of Death Notices, our Remembrance of those who contribute to the genre in some manner, this very big segment on the Baron’s Crypt and those might recall the listing we had in January coverage of the topic. This section will constantly become updated, in case god forbid the reaper takes a Horror Icon, we can report on it quickly rather than waiting until the next issue. In addition, some other features will present under Horror News for fresher updates. Also, the History of Horror, which some might recall as the Testament of Horror segment on Baron’s Crypt ran from late 2014 to mid-2016, then stopped, now relaunched on this site and updates coming each day unless otherwise noted, to likely to start by the next issue, we have testing out different versions.

In addition, the Upcoming Podcast Title, continuing forward, as the FB issues plague large posts, such playlists, each show will have the months programing and the newest show present at the top of the pages.

This month also marks the addition of a new writer to the mix, with his own of version an opinion piece which frankly, I don’t recall seeing being, so it makes it debut here. Otherwise, if you seek to write your own opinion pieces, even a one-off then just contact us about it at The Horror Times.


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief