Lately, in the horror genre, comes the interesting trend of increasing distribution of anthology themed films, and often not every story gets a grand slam, but Aaron K. Carter served as producer, director and writer, aided by Ronnie Jimenez as co-writer to create a series of stories along with a wrap-around story involving two hitmen. This production contains slasher formulas, crude and crass humor, and a series of wacky killing scenarios, all packaged together in a vulgar display of insanity. Aaron makes sure to include equals of numerous genres, first crime (mob characters), thriller, action, comedy and of course horror, at no time does anyone of these aspects overpower the others, which takes great restraint from the filmmaker, yet executed incredibly well, and nicely done.

A great aspect of the film, starts right in the middle of the action, reminding one of Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), the viewer has no choice but sit back and watch as Frankie (Frankie Pozos) walks into a bar inquiring about renting the space for a party.  The other side stars Vince (Vince Kelvin) as a no-nonsense bartender, meanwhile Gio (Aaron Guerrero) comes out from the back room after completing a job, in typical mobster fashion.  At this point the viewers know who and what these two masterminds do for a living, who’s in charge and other personality quirks, some which go to ridiculous proportions. They return to their boss Mr. Kinski (portrayed by the well-known Mel Novak (Holy Terror [2017]) who orders them to wait one hour before terminating his enemy Arash (Arash Dibazar), hence the beginning of the actual movie, the two killers having a huge meal while sharing gross tales with An Hour to Kill. Now, in these films, with the stories so short, a full disclosure of them ruins the overall concept, therefore to avoid spoiler, giving a brief summary for the three mini-movies.

First, “Valkyrie’s Bunker”, which appears a little like The Descent (2005) which stars Jenna (Amanda Rau (Living Among Us [2018])), Heidi (Stephanie Strehlow (Devil’s Domain [2016])), along with Aida (Jola Cora), Joyce (Sarah Gordy) and Denise (Alexya Garcia) who explore a Nazi bunker, finding some evil creations never admit defeat. As for the second tale, likely the most comedically gross entry and perhaps the most disgusting of any anthology production in 2018, as it’s called “Assacre” (not a typo), based from the viewpoint losing an all-you-can eat burrito contest. Which takes a pepper prank to an explosive gut ripping conclusion, that involves Gabe (Gabriel Mercado (Killer Waves [2007)), Luna Meow, and Brendan Mitchell. Lastly, “Hog Hunters” think Pighunt (2008) meets Deliverance (1972) featuring backwoods friends who enjoy rousing situations, including moonshine, animal bonding, and a smorgasbord of other politically incorrect material, definitely not for the weak minded or thin-skinned individuals. Most of the cast this segment starred in Aaron’s previous film Dead Kansas (2013), so knew exactly what the director needed for his story, giving it brutal dark battles, more disturbing imagery.

While not a flawless movie, Carter used all of his budget to the best and fullest level possible, and made the most with the shots filmed, hence exceptional editing, aided by using very old-school sound effects. At one point, thought one might see the Batman effect of POW in comic design on the screen, in one of the shorts or even some dueling banjo, however, while comedy plays in the story it never goes cheesy, rather leaving it often to a one-liner, or referencing something else. Both actors Frankie Pozos and Gio Aaron Guerrero, show great chemistry with each other, Frankie’s portrayal as a wild impulsive carries the trait throughout the film, while his counterpart Gio presents himself, calm, careful planning and following orders with precision, their relationship works in all their scenes.

The wrap-around story works very well in the movie, sometimes in anthology flicks, it factors in as an afterword, but herein presented as its own short with hellish fun. A few twists and surprises await in this movie all ready to thoroughly entertain for 90-minutes, but if you have An Hour to Kill, kill it here with this intense low-budget collection.

Tagline: Before they make the hit, these gangsters shoot the sh!t.


IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Baron’s Rating: 6.0/10