Provocator is another Hellscream project (other bands Bleeding Fist and Chains) that started in 2013, with Chaos Metal in Slovenia, continues to spew, blasphemous raw black metal thoroughly in one’s face released Satan, Chaos, Blood and Terror on February 23rd, 2018 from Moribund Records. This style clearly not for all fans of the black metal genre, the production method echoes to low quality but high on emphasis of anger and brutality especially in regard to vocals.

Lord Astaroth also associated with Kurgaall, assisted in the vocals, with sweeping array of diversity from rasps, growls, shrieks, and yells similar to the early days of Tom Araya. The opening track ‘General Commander Baphomet’ launches with energy and sheer aggression, but the vocals sound very loud in the entire mix almost drowning the bass as well as other instruments.  The rawness of mismatching vocals to the tempo carryover throughout the album with ‘Satan Chaos Blood and Terror,’ ‘Iron Horned Baphomet,’ (incidentally the longest track at 4-minutes) layering more grim, filth, mire that any torture porn could deliver on screen. As the tracks and sound reinforce relentless attack of Black Metal and the vocals bring torment, hellfire, and violence. Provocator tracks such as ‘Black Seal of Damnation’ pounds the vile sounds of metal while ‘Satanic Storms of Mayhem’ delivers a solid even song enticing the listener to expand slightly past the realm of raw sensations.


Track List:

  1. General Commander Baphomet (2:38)
  2. Anno Vulgaris MDCXXX (2:50)
  3. Satan Chaos Blood and Terror (3:05)
  4. Apocalyptic Warfare (2:55)
  5. Iron Horned Baphomet (4:21)
  6. Satanic Storms of Mayhem (2:56)
  7. Black Seal of Damnation (3:49)
  8. Goathammer Militia (3:42)

Total Time” 26:16


Chaotic black metal, or Raw War Black, likely a dangerous balancing act, either muddling noise due often  not understanding the essence of the style or poor production values, but sometimes the opposite occurs this album though titters to the positive. Now, it’s not something one may cue for often replays, but if one’s tiring of the commercialism of the Black Metal genre, this refreshes the unholy lusts of destruction.

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