Yes, kiddies, fans, and collectors, Ryan Scott Weber’s organized insanity fueled convention returns for its fourth time, those in the know, understand how well run and maintained the event has become, as its run by fans for the fans. It started back in Eaton, NJ and went to Iselin for 2-years before moving to the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, no gaming herein, hence okay to bring the little ones, and a bigger venue means two things more guests and more vendors.

In the age where conventions now feature reunions this one brings together various stars of the Friday the 13th franchise , such as Ari Lehman, Ron Millkie, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, composer Harry Manfredini and director John Carl Buechler, and they all will be available for a Special Photo op in front of the Camp Crystal Lake Sign Set. Although, fans of the franchise, shouldn’t skipped Zack Ward who starred in Freddy vs. Jason, definitely bring your memorabilia for signing. Now that’s really cool! So many fans will be on hand to get their merch signed, face it, at this rate likely the closest we all get while waiting for another Friday movie release. Speaking of reunions, one can’t overlook the Ash vs Evil Dead trio, headed by Ted Raimi, who had a bit part in Candyman, as well as Dana DeLorenzo and just added Lindsay Farris making his first ever convention appearance, so definitely make him and the others very welcome. Not enough, fine how about dynamic duo from the original Cabin Fever, James DeBello and Cerina Vincent

A major draw will be Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), who will not be dressed as Elvira persona, and yet having special photo ops on the famed Elvira’s Set, yes that special red couch. Some insiders speculating it might be her final year on the fest/con tour, so if you missed her before, best to meet her this time. Although, a change in her scheduling, she’s only going to be there on Saturday and Sunday. Then following her is Linda Blair, who was an early guest announcement and she’s wonderful to meet and will be there all three days.

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, sadly he’s not attending, but two actors who starred in movies based on his books will be in attendance, first William Katt who starred in Carrie (1976) and Danny Lloyd who was the boy in The Shining (1980) though he’s only present on Saturday and Sunday.


As always the music feels echoes at this event, but instead of just one star, this time Dee snider, who just recently released his latest album “For the Love of Metal” on Napalm Records, but for the horror fans, known for his twisted flick Strangeland. He’s joined with Lita Ford, Rudy Sarzo, GWAR members Sleazy P. Martini and Jizmak Da Gusha and returning once more Marky Ramone.

Horror fans know in October, Halloween (1978) turns 40-years old, and a great way to celebrate is with Tony Moran and while fans continue to agree to disagree about Rob Zombie’s Halloween, they can savor a moment with Scout Taylor-Compton. Included this year, and likely hearing the requests of the visitor’s comic book artist, creator and filmmaker Kevin Grevioux, along with the phenomenal Joel Robinson (you need to check out his vendor booth)! Ever wanted to meet a toy designer and creator of Boglins (a popular item and highly sought after because of the uniqueness and limited availability that is none other than Tim Clarke.  The guest list continues to grow, a recent addition of Edward Furlong, only makes one wonder who’s next…

The list of films selected, it’s the added bonus of the convention which contains a film festival wrapped in it, discovering new filmmakers, who often are on hand to sell copies on their movies and network.

This word ‘network’ is very important, look go out there and have fun, but Horror Fans, are some of the politest ones willing to stand in lines and converse with other fans, discovering each other’s passions, better than any Facebook group, escaping that locked-in world of sitting behind computer screens and engaging in a great event. Oh yes, there’s even a LIVE award show, and rumor mills grinding that Tiffany Shepis who returns to the event again, might host the hilariously fun event.

Did I miss a few, oh I did, but instead of reading about them, why not just attend the show, pardon it’s not a show, it’s a Raising Hell event, with enjoyment for everyone, especially paying attention to the vendors, even more on hand this time. I forewarn you though, if you see something you like, best to get it early or forever hold your peace. Get your tickets…