As my life revolves around the horror genre, why not extend it to games, now I don’t play the Xbox or PlayStation, but rather the those found on a smartphone, available to play anytime and anywhere, this one called Guns, Cars and Zombies a challenging gory car action slaughterfest. It’s clearly a mature driving game, with rich blood; just think of Mad Max taking on the zombie apocalypse. This is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android (which I used) and comes from publisher Denali Games LLC with the size of 653 MB and version 3.2.1, I used the game in the free structure, though like many games on this platform you can do minor transactions to gain an advantage.


Its set after a plague ravaged the world, thoroughly wiped out society, leaving mere stragglers of the human race scattered among the growing army of zombies. Therefore, the players drive a vehicle with upgrades becomes something from The Walking Dead, you need to drive down a highway, avoid obstacles and mowing down zombies until you run of gas or blow-up (due to damage), both which happen quite frequently and quickly. However, the graphics nicely display both dismemberment and gore, ratcheting up the violence levels. All you need to accomplish the level is complete quests to earn more money, spend it on ammo and upgrades to the car, as you compete in random situations of day or night, fog, rain, or clear skies.  The missions, first there’s a daily quest, to claim rewards and epic awards from arena battles, but incredible vehicles are needed to compete. In addition, to these quests one gets a daily bonus for just logging into the game, and returning each day for a prize, whether or not you miss day or a month. Lastly a series of submenus show PVP Arena, Guild Wars, Daily Showdown, and even special modes such as Turret, Challenge, and Scavenger.


Well, those familiar with games involving car jumps will see some action sequences, though will incur some damage, responsive game controls, don’t fret about aiming the guns they fire automatically. Make sure to strive for the power-ups to extend the gameplay, earning gas, rage-modes, and other features.


While the graphics deliver nicely, the expensive fuel and upgrades become a downside, as with many of these free games, with a few ads on average of 30-seconds to earn very little extend play. Hence, FUEL lack of it, the biggest setback, and it’s the encouragement of the game to have one buy it, the fun factor diminishes on this issue, overall a fair time waster.

Baron’s Rating: 3.5/5