As one can see we blew by the August 20th due date, and again publishing at the month’s end, with a few reviews having an embargo against them, for marketing reasons, we even pushed past that deadline date. After everything I took a week’s vacation to Johnstown, PA and didn’t work, sometimes one needs a vacation and after 2-years it finally happened. This month is also the final month of my 15-year old computer, it’s just gotten to slow to run certain programs, that began to mess up some of our podcasting shows, speaking of them thanks to all for the great feedback for The Horror Times – Unleashing Horror #2 show, the third one will be on Wednesday 26th of September. The grueling marathon is over, each keystroke and the opening/closing became increasingly frustrating, it felt like a dial-up-modem.

We have a few more people assisting in behind the scenes, but very cool to announce a new writer, now life can be really hard sometimes, please show some kindness, she’s a mother, suffers with MS (multiple sclerosis) and has never attempting reviewing and lastly writing under a strange alias 3cs (Creepy Crazy Cathy). She’s taking a unique spin on the reviews, she makes her debut this month, meanwhile, another new writer joining soon, he’s a long-time listener of the Baron’s Crypt show and a fan of mine through the Shredding Metal Beasts broadcast, who wants to try something different, so of course I am welcoming him aboard.

In addition, we’ve added a new section, Video Games Reviews, primarily on one’s smartphone, I noticed most avoided or have forgotten this arena of play, not anymore!  Also, prepping for more horror genre articles in the upcoming months, quite a few more surprises, because I don’t know how to stay in the lines or boundaries, whether its good taste or something else, horror films need the same thing, mix the subgenres, sometimes breaking the rules.

Lastly, including in this month’s issues an article on the Upcoming New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, get ready, book the room, and enjoy yourself at this really fun event.



Baron Craze
Horror Historian and Editor in Chief