Danzig’s self-titled 1988 release of ‘Danzig’ featuring a white cow-skull cover art, came from Glenn Danzig, an underground artist with a large following from the horror-punks The Misfits, then the gothic rockers Samhain, now marking its 30-anniversary. Danzig’s debut set a new benchmark for him, first a professional production, and his vocal style marrying metal with blues, delivering an aggressive full-on attitude thorough the album. It also marked the second official release on label owner and producer Rick Rubin’s Def American (the first Wolfsbane’s Loco), he hunted for new talent to sign to his emerging company (later changed to American Recordings), noting the major signings included Slayer.

Glenn used the experience of his bandmates exceptionally well from the pounding drummer Chuck Biscuits while carryovers from Samhain consisted of guitarist John Christ, as well as Eerie Von on bass. The opener on the album launches the classic metal bluesy track “Twist of Cain,”, but the music swung wide staying with upbeat sense follow with “Not Of This World”; but the fourth track, “She Rides” hints of blues dancing with doom, onto crafty gothic ballad entitled “Soul on Fire”. But it’s the sixth likely the most recalled and often played “Mother” unforgettable from the first note played, it captures everything Danzig was at that moment, which many infused as a call against the dreaded censor PMRC, which only encourage more outrageous behaviors and increased album sales of then. Glenn’s lyrics layered in thought provoking and gothic themes, backed by his powerful vocals when needed and musicians knowing their craft. The remaining the tracks consist of “Possession” a charged horror punk style, sexual theme lyrics consisting of an incubus (a male demon having intercourse with a sleeping woman). Before the close-out song “Evil Thing” a cover track called “The Hunter” (from Albert King, a blues artist), a very influential song which extends into every genre of music, and many notable artists using melodies of lyric references such as Led Zeppelin, Kiss, and Great White.

Track Listing:

  1. Twist Of Cain
  2. Not Of This World
  3. She Rides
  4. Soul On Fire
  5. Am I Demon
  6. Mother
  7. Possession
  8. End Of Time
  9. The Hunter (Albert King cover)
  10. Evil Thing

Danzig Is:

  • Glenn Danzig, Vocals
  • John Christ, Guitar
  • Eerie Von, Bass
  • Chuck Biscuits, Drums

It’s fun revisiting a classic creation 30-years later a welcome treat for fans of the 80s and metal fans in general, knowing that Danzig still exists releasing albums and touring. The album has enough to please any open-minded listener, delivering nearly 41-minutes of metal music (influence of Black Sabbath clearly) with hints of punk, a cursory glance of doom and many blues influences scattered throughout the album.

Baron’s Rating:  4/5

From The Album Danzig – Thrall – Demonsweatlive


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