First, thanks to Baron for allowing me the opportunity to write for his site (the one where’s he’s editor), anyway these introductions always hard, never know how to start, not seeking to be a fame junkie nor am I a horror guru expert. As for the name Creepy Crazy Cathy, the 3C’s well a few reasons, first it’s obviously not my real name, Cathy is short for Catherine, the creepy refers to my interest in the gothic, and face it many of us who enjoy the macabre are considered by others as odd or even possessed by a demon, and the crazy sometimes my children drive to the brink. Almost all parents will defend their children, yet they sometimes they truly test many nerves, however I adore my 2 angels, John and Michael, though I swear all Michaels are little devils. Seriously, ask an adult named Michael, when a parent yells that name in store they shrink, ducking their head, it happened to me the other day, quite funny.

Anyway, it took me a long time to really develop a love for watching horror films, I mean my father would have me watch the Universal classics, but found the passion in the books. I came from a family with meager means, and a guarded television watching schedule, but the local library often had something of interest, namely gothic ghost stories. As films, I stay away from the gory stuff, I can handle it, but it doesn’t thrill me, rather I enjoy those ghost stories and creature features, my older brother (rest his soul) got me into watching them you know the type the giant whatever or the attack of you name it.

Now, I don’t use social media to promote myself, it might change unsure, I’m a private person in that regard, mainly because I have MS (a cause that Baron supports through charity acts – Thanks) lately it seems if you have a disease you can’t be a parent or if you watch horror films you’re equally damned. I also don’t show pictures of my sons, personal reasons. It also, effects my writing, can’t get the words just right, excuse errors, but Baron as editor likely to fix it.

Therefore, what shall be my style, well there’s plenty of reviewers, and I start over 10-years ago reading Rogue Cinema, well-before Baron, but his style and sometimes obsessive nature of a horror review overwhelms me, yet keeps my attention, like a hook from Hellraiser. I’ve noticed many styles on horror sites, magazines and just in general, hence my is gear more to beginners in horror and children/ parents.  In addition, I’m going to try to have my sons give input to the reviews, for example what did you like or didn’t. Baron thought it was a cool path, and we actually share some of the same children books.