Snow Wave Records has launched a new trailer of the upcoming debut album from Aeolian. This environmental death metal group will release their debut album on September 12. The album will feature cover artwork from the concept artist Kilian Eng, who has worked previously for Disney, Marvel, and the New York Times among others.

The album was recorded during 2017-2018 and was produced by Miguel A. Riutort (The Unity, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Hirax).

Track list:
1. Immensity
2. The End of Ice
3. Chimera
4. My Stripes in Sadness
5. Return of the Wolf King
6. Going to Extinction
7. Elysium
8. Wardens of the Sea
9. The Awakening
10. Black Storm
11. Witness
12. Oryx

Thanks to Grand Sounds PR