An Italian black metal band, Necrodeath, likely the first extreme from the region released their latest album, The Age of Dead Christ, on March 9, 2018 from Scarlet Records, hence their eleventh record also available as a vinyl version on Terror from Hell Records. This band originally formed under Ghostrider and then released their first album “Into the Macabre” in 1987, now 33 years this latest creation and the year means something more sinister as the age of Christ upon his death. For those unfamiliar with this band think about the bands Venom, Bathory, Slayer, and Kreator as their basis for influences and music styles.

Their opening track ‘The Whore of Salem’ to the last song ‘The Age of Dead Christ’ shows a steady aggression throughout the album. In addition, they keep the style of the 80s thrash, refining it slightly but never toning it down, then layer in the mixes of Black Metal. One the fastest tracks with sheer brutality entitled ‘The Master of Mayhem’ and a throwback from the first album in 1987, with a song called ‘The Undead’ now known as ‘The Return of the Undead’.

Track Listing:

  1. “The Whore Of Salem”
  2. “The Master Of Mayhem”
  3. “The Order Of Baphomet”
  4. “The Kings Of Rome”
  5. “The Triumph Of Pain”
  6. “The Return Of The Undead”
  7. “The Crypt Of Nyarlathotep”
  8. “The Revenge Of The Witches”
  9. “The Age Of Dead Christ”

From the get go, this band brings violence and brutality, releasing a quality album for the metal fans in both Black Metal camps and those harkening back to the early days of Thrash, with a focus energy into Slayer and Destruction with lyrics and musical taste and measure amount of Sodom. It all delivers quality moments and old-fashioned head-banging rememberance.

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5

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