Well another month has bit the dust, time seems to crawl in January through March, then some traction in April and May and by now it really starts flying, and while life goes on, The Horror Times works hard to increase our coverage. I wanted to thank Evil von Scary for his question posted on Twitter concerning Q: The Winged Serpent’s review asking if Boris Vallejo did the cover, which the answer is yes, and follow-up with some additional information for him. I mention this because I enjoy answering horror fans questions, and if they required research, it’s what I do, and search for it in the private Crypt Library.

This issue is beyond late, normally we aim for a mid month publishing date, however the later half of June present nothing but a series of technically issue, power outage to a household emergency and then a final few days effecting the website, Facebook and then the big one, massive problem with Comcast which made national news. Therefore, we fully thankful that the issue is done and posted.

Meanwhile the talk of the month is the newest trailer and news surrounding Halloween, the movie releasing in October 2018, and face it the collectibles for it already hitting the market, while a further downturn on the Friday the 13th franchise continues, namely the lawsuit. I present a different variation on the reported news saturating the websites.

By the way, a film called Swamp Zombies 2 is having a premiere in Wayne, PA on June 30, which I’ll be attending. I have a small bit part in it, as a Zombie, always thankful to the filmmakers when I get the opportunity.

Lastly, we here at The Horror Times, always thankful to the readers and the filmmakers for sharing news with us, as some notice Baron’s Crypt which started in January 2014 podcast, has not on much in June, as the show is being revamped, good to make changes and its incorporating The Horror Times [THT]. However, [THT] launches its own podcast show once a month focusing solely on the New Horror Releases, this was part of Baron’s Crypt, but with so much news and the horror genre to discuss, best to place Unleashing Horrors under a new brand show. Meanwhile, I’ve started implementing Taglines of films, into the reviews, first no one else doing that for the most part, something carried over from Unleashing Horrors show on Baron’s Crypt, hence another layer to the reviews.

Oh, I almost forgot, to announce the winners of our dual contests on both The Horror Times and Baron’s Crypt they are Ray Cannella and Erick Kaslov and will be contacting them to send the prize boxes, they are not identical. We will be having another giveaway likely by the end of the year, so keeping like the page.


Baron Craze
Editor in Chief of The Horror Times/ Horror Historian