After a seven year break the band Infernal Legion returns  with their fourth album entitled “Under The Cloven Hoof” on the Moribund Records label and released it on February 23rd, 2018 . They delivered a classic death and thrash full onslaught for the listeners to enjoy, at times mirroring the sound and style of Dissection, Overkill and Slayer. At no time do they compromise, rather every riff and crushing blast shows their intention to unleash death metal in the style and performance that impressed the fans of the 80s and 90s.

It doesn’t matter if you never heard of them, or you’re a long-term fan, they still perform lightning fast riffs, yet mix it up with some doom nuances, that change the variation just slightly all done to keep the listener engaged to the music and off their phone. However, fret not if you need your black and death fix, the tone stays very much intact and seeps into almost every track. There’s three interludes that play various sound clips from the horror film The Lords of Salem (2012) meanwhile vocals hold the course and deliver the customary demonic snarls, growls and screams. A very good track such as “In Hell We Reign” delivers the proper hooks right out of Pinhead’s Lament Box, the snare you for the perfectly timed balance black and death metal as well some distortion. While their music echoes maniacal aggression, the lyrics clearly lashes out with the themes of isolation, hopelessness, death itself and calls for Satan found on the track “At the Gates of Blasphemy”.

Track Listing:
1. Invocation 1 (1:02)
2. Under A Massacre Moon (5:39)
3. Mountain Of Human Sacrifice (5:02)
4. In Hell We Reign (4:54)
5. Invocation 2 (1:03)
6. Ordained And Enslaved (6:34)
7. Under The Cloven Hoof (4:20)
8. Invocation 3 (0:24)
9. At The Gates Of Blasphemy (5:40)
Total Play Time 34:39

Vile messages expound throughout the album, but as every metal fan knows the themes of horror, Satanism, death go together exceptionally well, and the symbolism borrows from artwork, descending into the pit of black arts and bloody results. Infernal Legion’s sound mirrors that of old-school Deicide and Morbid Angel, as well as horror movie audio clips.

Baron’s Rating: 4/5

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